Rental Property Lockboxes

Use Rental Property Lockboxes Always Question: How much is your time worth? I can answer that pretty quick. It’s worth a whole lot more than this eight hour lockbox. So as a property management company, we put lock boxes on all of our rentals. If you just own one rental property, you should as well. […]

Key Things to Look for In a Property Management Company

Welcome to the Topic “Key Things to Look for In a Property Management Company” Real estate often constitutes a person’s most prized material possessions. To keep it healthy, you need management that is both proactive and expert. Choosing a property management company that is skilled, transparent, licensed, and responsive is crucial to ensuring that a […]

Illegal To Not Take Section 8?

Is It Illegal To Not Take Section 8 Question: Will not take Section 8. No, that is not legal. You can’t choose your tenants based upon source of income. The different ways that they might actually be coming up with validated provable forms of payment such as Section 8, you cannot discriminate against them. You […]

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