How much do property managers charge in Philadelphia?


Hi, there! Joe White here from Grow Property Management, your trusted property management company in Philadelphia.

Fees can vary between Philadelphia property management companies depending on the range of property management services and many Philadelphia property management companies can have less obvious fees.

John's question about property management fees in Philadelphia prompts me to delve into the typical charges in the area. Generally, property managers levy a percentage of the rent, typically ranging from 6% to 10%. Despite variations, most real estate investment literature advocates for engaging property management services. The recommended fee range often cited in books falls between 9% and 13%, though 13% seems excessive except for vacation rentals in high-demand areas.

Nationally, the average property management fee hovers around 10%. Philadelphia's range, however, aligns with its local dynamics, spanning 6% to 10%. As a property management company owner in Philadelphia, I offer insights into our pricing structure. Our most common package charges 7.9% of the monthly rent. This figure reflects the ease of managing row homes in the city, where properties are densely clustered, facilitating efficient servicing.

Row homes in Philadelphia share similarities, making maintenance and management straightforward compared to diverse suburban properties. Consequently, our fees are kept competitive, mirroring the manageable nature of Philadelphia's real estate landscape.

Beyond the monthly management fee, there's typically a tenant placement fee, often equivalent to one month's rent. At Grow Property Management company, this fee includes marketing the property on the MLS, where outside agents frequently source tenants, ensuring a high-quality selection. It's important to note that some companies may opt for a flat monthly fee, regardless of rental value, or employ illegitimate practices, posing legal risks to property owners.

Engaging an unlicensed property management entity not only carries legal consequences but may also lead to hidden costs. Transparency is paramount; property management agreements should explicitly outline all fees and disclose any affiliated entities owned by the management company. This transparency ensures clients are informed about potential conflicts of interest and prevents them from unknowingly paying for services to sister companies.

Grow Property Management’s transparency is a cornerstone. We maintain a detailed pricing page on our website, clearly outlining our fees, which range from 6% to 8.3%, with the 7.9% package being the most financially advantageous for most property owners. Additionally, we charge a one-time tenant placement fee only when necessary, further enhancing transparency and cost-effectiveness for our clients.

In navigating property management agreements, clarity and specificity are paramount. Clients should demand detailed contracts that leave no room for ambiguity. Moreover, managers must provide an arm's length addendum, disclosing any related entities to mitigate conflicts of interest.

While property management fees vary, transparency and legality should never be compromised. Property owners should scrutinize agreements, ensuring they fully understand the fee structures and any associated costs. By prioritizing transparency and legality, property owners can maximize their returns and mitigate risks in the dynamic real estate market.

As always, happy investing