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Quality Rental Management in Rittenhouse Square, PA

Eliminate the stress of managing your rental property by hiring professionals to do it for you. At Grow Property Management, we can help rent your property faster, for more rent, and with a better tenant.

We are a full-service property management company that can take care of all aspects of managing your property. At Grow PM, we take care of rent collections, property inspections, maintenance calls, lease preparation, and tenant placement, and more.

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Why You Should Hire Us

We are the top property management company in Rittenhouse Square for a reason – we’re simply the best at what we do. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring us.

  • Property management is all we do, day in day out, seven days a week. By focusing on one thing, we’ve become exceptionally good at it. For over 12 years, our company has helped countless property owners all over Philadelphia get their life back!
  • We don’t have hidden charges. Our pricing is easy, it is just a mere 8% of your rental property’s monthly rent.  
  • We are a professional property management company. Because of this, we have earned various awards in this regard. Propertymanagement.com ranked us the BEST property management company in Philadelphia, while ThreeBestRated.com ranked us as the Best Business of 2019.

Give us a call today, and let us handle all your property management needs.

We have already helped hundreds of property owners achieve peace of mind, we can help you do the same!

You can reach us by calling us at (267) 414-0970 or by emailing us at Team@GrowPropertyManagement.com.

Our Rittenhouse Square Rental Management Services

1. Tenant Screening

We screen tenants thoroughly to ensure they are the best fit for your rental property. Not only is the process thorough, but it’s also equal and fair. In other words, our process doesn’t discriminate based on any of the state’s protected classes.

Some of the things we check when screening prospective tenants include:

  • A Credit Check: This can help you dig deeper into the financial condition and habits of a prospective tenant. If they are financially responsible, odds are higher that they will keep your property in good order and pay rent on time.
  • Level of Income: Before leasing out your property we ensure the applicant has sufficient income sources to pay their rent with ease. A Background Check: We’ll obtain a detailed report of the prospective tenant’s past. A background check involves checking public records, criminal records, and past evictions.

By doing this, we are able to minimize the chances of landing a problem tenant. At Grow PM, we have one of the lowest tenant evictions in the industry.

2. Property Inspections

We understand the importance of properly maintaining properties. We will inspect your property regularly so that that the $5 problem doesn’t become a $5,000 one.

We are also quick when it comes to responding to tenant maintenance requests. This not only helps keep tenants satisfied, but it also helps protect your investment.

What’s more, all of our work is handled by licensed and professional contractors and vendors, usually at a discounted rate that allows us to pass the savings onto our clients.

3. Property Marketing

We will market your property to a large audience to ensure it gets rented in the shortest time possible. We use various marketing strategies in this regard.

We use our own pool of applicants, rental listing websites, real estate agent connections, and offer same-day showings. This ensures that we get your property in front of as many prospective tenants as possible, ensuring your property gets rented in the shortest time possible.

4. Rent Collection

We can also save you both time and hassle when it comes to rent collection. Our goal in this regard is to ensure you get paid on time, every time.

To facilitate the process, we provide tenants with simple and convenient rent payment gateways. We also ensure that all rent-related terms are as clear and concise as possible.

Should a problem arise in regard to rent collection, rest assured we can help you bring the issue to a speedy conclusion. Our team is knowledgeable on all Pennsylvania landlord-tenant laws.

5. Financial Reporting

We will always keep you in the loop regarding how your rental property is fairing. We will provide you with detailed, extensive reports about your property. You’ll be able to access your statements, and all past statements, around the clock in your owner portal.

About Rittenhouse Square, Pennsylvania

Rittenhouse Square is the name of both a public park and the surrounding neighborhood. The neighborhood is one of the most popular and is a superb destination for dining, shopping, strolling and more.

According to the most recent census estimates, the area has a population of 12,377 people. There are 6,713 female residents and 5,664 male residents.

The following are some of the fun and interesting things you can do while here:

  • Shopping: Rittenhouse Square is known for upscale shopping districts.
  • Nightlife: Whether you’re looking to dance, get a refined cocktail or simply meet up with folks, Rittenhouse Square has plenty to offer.
  • Eat: There are a plethora of areas to satisfy your tastes, from food to atmosphere to scenic locale.
  • See & Do: You can experience a magical experience over at the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting. Take in a performance of your choice at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts. Or grab some friends and explore the medically-interesting Mutter Museum.