Compensate Tenants For Repairs

Should You Compensate Tenants While AC Is Waiting For Repair Julian’s question: AC is down and tenant is requesting compensation for inconvenience. How do you respond? We try to have compassion obviously. Air conditioning is kind of a must have, especially in certain parts of the country. But even here in Philadelphia, it is a […]

Rental Property Pet Policy Tips

Philadelphia Property Management Company Owner, Joe White Talks About Pet Policies Read the full transcript on Rental Property Pet Policies here: As an experienced Philadelphia property manager, I receive endless inquiries from property owners regarding whether or not they should allow pets on their rental properties as well as pet questions from our own potential […]

Tenant Arrested

Tenant Arrested. What Happens Now CM’s question: Apparently, her tenant unfortunately got arrested and it sounds like it’s kind of serious. She’s kind of in a bind because she has a lease and she has a tenant, and the bind comes in to where she doesn’t know what she’s supposed to do with the tenant’s […]

 Rental Property Lockboxes

Use Rental Property Lockboxes Always Question: How much is your time worth? I can answer that pretty quick. It’s worth a whole lot more than this eight hour lockbox. So as a property management company, we put lock boxes on all of our rentals. If you just own one rental property, you should as well. […]