What if a tenant stops paying rent?

“What if a tenant stops paying rent?”. A bad tenant reduces cash flow – usually enough to turn positive cash flow into a devastating negative loss. One month your income property is paying you – the next you are having to pay the difference of lost rent. That’s a real problem if you are relying […]

Property Management Companies – What They Do For You?

To function as your Property Manager a company will need to: Protect Your Investment Minimize Your Costs Maximize Your Income Essentially they will need to make you money….more than you pay the property management company. Property Management Companies will also need to simplify your life: Not only will the company need to make sure the […]

Multifamily rental renovation ROI

Owning a rental property makes you a Real Estate Investor. Here are some investment strategy tips on how improvements can affect your investment. Improved Properties Increase Rent – Which will increase your cash flow. Improvements are Tax Deductible. Improvements Increase Property Appreciation. Each improvement that you make to your properties will be funded by your […]

How rental properties give you a leveraged return unlike other investments

For virtually every homeowner, buying a property will be their greatest single investment. As real estate investors, we not only know this but we take it to a whole different level! Here’s a quick look at how you might be using leverage. Leveraged Return Let’s say you buy a home for                                  $100’000.00 And put down […]

Increase Rent and Increase Your Cash Flow

In my last letter to you I suggested rent formulas often used by Property Managers like myself. Another strategy that you might find helpful will be Incremental Rent Increases. Managing my client’s properties, it is my responsibility to greatly maximize their investment, and to advantage them every way I can. One of the ways I […]

How much rent can you expect for your Philadelphia property?

As someone interested in renting their property, you are a real estate investor. And as a real estate investor you might have your own successful strategies. Your strategies might exceed my property management perspective; but I thought you might find the below information on Rental Strategies helpful: Rents vary, but 8% to 10% of a […]