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Hi i'm Joe White and I want to talk to you about another neighborhood here in Philadelphia. Today I want to talk about the Philadelphia Queen Village neighborhood.

You know i want to give my thoughts about the neighborhood. You know and about its livability, how does it feel to be in Queen Village I want to talk about its functionality how easy is it to live there, how is with it parking and easy access to stores. And I want to talk about the overall vibe you fee about Queen Village.

I have opinions that will hopefully help you if you're deciding on Queen Village maybe you're thinking about moving the Queen Village as your live space but you're not familiar with Philadelphia neighborhoods

Or maybe you're thinking about investing in Queen Village. Maybe you're looking to buy a shell property and flip it renovate it and flip it and then sell it or perhaps you're interested in buying a home in Queen Village and renting it out as a buy and hold real estate investor

Ao hopefully my information is valuable to you to have as iIm a property manager here Philadelphia and I own Grow Property Management and there really isn't a block in the Center City neighborhoods that I haven't been in at least one home. You know I live here, I work here. I make a living off managing rental properties in neighborhoods like Queen Village, We are a Philadelphia Queen Village property management company.

And I have a lot of thoughts about it that I hope you find valuable.

So here's my take on Philadelphia's Queen Village Neighborhood in the 19147 postal code. 

Queen Village is bordered by Pennsport an  by Bella Vista. It is bordered by Society Hill.

If you head south a little bit, you will be in Pennsport as you cross an arterial of Washington Avenue. 

Now stepping into Pennsport, the neighborhood that I actually live in and you're going to see property prices go way down so you would tend to get a little bit more in the way of home in Pennsport; but a little bit less in a way of walkability. So the neighborhood in Pennsport is very nice - I love it, I love living here I don't want to move out of here; but that said you would find Queen Village to be a much more walkable neighborhood.

As you go north when you're in Queen Village you're going to start stepping into Society Hill which is one of Philadelphia's most affluent  and nicest neighborhoods that we have.

In fact it's one of the country's most affluent and nicest neighborhoods that you can find.

Now the nice thing about Queen Village is when you have out of town visitors that are staying with you for the weekend you have just lots and lots for them to see and do.

You live in a very impressive place to live. I mean there's endless history, there's endless things to do. You step out of your door and you're really not that far of a walk away from the Liberty Bell, from Independence Hall, from Carpenter's Hall.

You're living very close to where our nation really got its start.

If you head to your right if you, actually head east you're actually going to be getting into The Penns Landing neighborhood and there's so much in the way of activities going down at Penns Landing and kind of a lot of activities for the kids. And a lot of activities for you with beer gardens and there's something called Winterfest where it's kind of an outdoor space where there's ice skating there's a beer garden, there's chairs there's blankets and fire pits.  It's very very dramatic it's very overwhelming.

Definitely has a wow factor you know. And in the summertime very close by there is Spruce Harbor Park. It's a hammock park again very much like a beer garden very kid-friendly, lots to do a lot of outdoor games things of that nature.

Hammocks just a great place to go and you know these are all places that your 60 year old mom that's visiting you can still easily walk to and that's where you kind of live in Queen Village.

You know Queen Village kind of started rough well, it obviously didn't start out rough. I meant to say it had rougher times say started out 40 years ago. It was on a rough foot obviously Queen Village started much longer than 40 years ago; but around 42 years ago maybe even 45 years ago Queen Village was actually kind of a rougher neighborhood.

It kind of went into a bit of a decline and a trained eye can kind of see that when you're walking through. You can see that some of the houses there they they had a rough time.
Now if i put you i
n Queen Village and you're walking down the street you would really have a nice feeling and you wouldn't have an issue with any of the properties; but if you're looking for kind of signs of distress that these homes might went through up here you kind of see it. You'll see some of the wood actually kind of looked like it got chipped and was not treated well and then it got, repainted.

And you kind of see that some of the homes were not always cared for. Now of course they're gorgeous properties. 

Now one of the drivers for Queen Village is that it's has a very desirable elementary school. Its called Meredith. Most of queen village is is within the Meredith catchment and a lot of folks move there because of the school system. 

And you know as far as the home mix goes that's the other part of Queen Village's appeal. 

What you're really going to find you when you're looking at how many condos are there, compared to single family homes, compared to multi-family homes, compared to apartments - and so forth including new construction, you're really going to walk through Queen Village and you're really not going to feel that you're seeing a lot of condos. There are a lot of condos there but you're not really getting that feeling. You're going to feel that it's mostly single-family homes.

You're definitely really not going to see too many apartment buildings there.  And you're not going to feel that you're seeing a lot of new construction. There certainly is a lot of new construction in Queen Village but your walk down the street isn't going to feel that way.

You would probably tend to see some homes that have a little bit better situated in the way of number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms then you would see in some other neighborhoods and they can tend to have a little bit better square footage so I don't think queen village can compete with Pennsport which has so much in the way of new construction.

Now obviously you can't take on new construction in in functionality or in square footage; but compared to Pennsport century old homes that were tended to be built for longshoremen and kind of a modest begin user back in the 1920s.

Queen Village 100 year old homes were built of a higher caliber 1st year buyer. 

So that's my quick dirty assessment of Queen Village.

Check this one out and any of the other videos on the neighborhoods and if you

are moving in Philadelphia - welcome!