Rental Property Capital Expenses

Rental Property Capital Expenses or Cap Ex Definition Capital expenses or CapEx and how they relate to rental properties. CapEx are those items that we anticipate that we already know will mechanically fail. We know that a central air unit had a life expectancy of 20 years, now it’s a little bit closer to 15. […]

Rental Property Mice

How To Rid Rental Property of Mice Once And For All Question: The tenants moved out, left a mess, and now the property appears to have mice. The person is asking that they had hired an exterminator or the exterminator put down traps. And they want to know is there anything else they can do? […]

Rental Property Pricing Strategies

Rental Property Pricing Strategies Pricing strategies for your rental properties. And this applies equally well to buying more rental properties, putting in an offer to buy a property or even applies to selling your property. A few strategies we always employ and a few things we’ve come across would be to always use numbers like […]

Adjusting Rents For Inflation

How Much Do You Adjust Rents For Inflation Question: How much are you raising your rent because of inflation? That’s not really the way it works. As a very efficient property management company, we charge what the market will bear, so we charge as much rent as a tenant is going to pay within a […]

Rental Property Vacancy Rates

Rental Property Vacancy Rates. What is a Vacancy Rate & what Vacancy Rate is recommended Rental property vacancy rates: We know that your rental property is going to be vacant percentage of the time, so most real estate investors will engage a vacancy rate. If your rent is $1000 a month, they would deduct that […]

Tenant Breaks Lease

How Much Can You Charge A Tenant For Breaking Lease. Karen’s question: Her tenants are trying to break the lease six months early and she’s trying to find some contract to where she can charge $6,300 to allow them to break the lease to compensate her for them breaking the lease. You can certainly do […]

Manage Mold In A Property

Best Ways To Handle Mold In A Property Kimmy’s comment regarding the best ways to get rid of mold. A rather complex question, but it depends on several factors when you’re talking about mold. The thing is, I’m actually much more or less active on mold than I think a lot of people are. So […]

The Still Usable Tenant Damage

How Do You Charge The Tenant for Damage of Still Usable Items Question: The tenant used brand new stainless steel fridge as a back stop for golf balls; dent everywhere, tenant vacates fridge is three years old, all is cosmetic, what do you charge? That’s just horrifying. I would probably charge the tenants for new […]

Do Vines Damage Bricks

Do Plant Vines Damage Bricks Terry’s question: Opinions about vines on brick. I’m a plant lover. Here in Philadelphia, I am part of the city group called Tree ****, that goes around in plants trees in front of folks’ homes. I’m on a park board of a park here in the city. And if you […]

Find Abandoned Property Owners

Find Abandoned Property Owner Scalpana’s comment: Apparently she saw a very distressed property in her neighborhood and she’s interested in approaching the owner to see if the owner might sell, but she can’t track down the owner because it’s a vacant, distressed property. It sounds like she actually checked the tax site. You can go […]