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Hi, I’m Joe White. Today I’m going to talk about the Philadelphia Fitler Square neighborhood. It’s in the 19103 postal code here in PA and yes this is the real estate investing podcast. But I also do hyperlocal Philadelphia neighborhood breakdowns, because I own a Philadelphia property management company called Grow Property Management. I also own Purple Real Estate, a brokerage here in Philadelphia as well.

So hyperlocal. Today I’m speaking specifically for Philadelphia property buyers or property owners. Those people looking at different Philadelphia neighborhoods to buy a property to call their home, or for real estate investors looking at neighborhoods to own rental properties in, or property flippers looking to renovate the property to sell.

I’m looking forward to talking about the Philadelphia Fitler Square neighborhood. Not only does my property management company manage several properties in Fitler Square, but I used to live there and I know it extremely well. In fact, I’m one of the people who started the dog parkway back then. I mean maybe back in the 90s, a long long time ago.

So I’ve got lots of thoughts and lots of affection for Fitler Square. It’s my favorite Philadelphia neighborhood. I don’t currently live there. I currently live in Pennsport in Philadelphia. But I always look forward to going back to Pennsport.

I always look forward to when I have to go check on one of the properties my company manages there. I just love it so much and the main reason that I love Fitler Square so much

is that it’s an extremely clean, extremely quiet neighborhood that sits readily adjacent to so much of Philadelphia’s activity. Fitler Square almost touches high-rise buildings, yet it’s a short walk that gets you to the neighborhood that touches Splitwood Square, which is Rittenhouse Square.

I mean Rittenhouse Square is such a hub of activity and so many people there with so much action. Some of Philadelphia’s best shopping and best restaurants are right there at Rittenhouse Square. If you want activity it’s right there.

Fitler Square is also an extremely short walk to JFK Boulevard, to the market street where so many high-rise buildings are there. Much of the country’s law firms, i.e. major law firms are located right there. It’s also a very short walk to the University of Pennsylvania, to CHOP which is a Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and also to Drexel University.

The uniqueness of Filter Square is the neighborhood is kind of almost isolated in the way that there’s not much in the way of walkthrough traffic. You’re not getting from one neighborhood to another neighborhood and walking through Fitler Square to get there.

It makes it a very quiet neighborhood so you have all this activity right here. And it’s just not a direct route. It would just be kind of dead-end. So you just end up not seeing many people entering Fitler Square. I do know a lot of the neighbors complain that the dog park that I mentioned earlier certainly has changed back when we created it.

It’s not the same dog park as it was when I was actually very involved in volunteering for the Parkway back in the ’90s. But the dog park gets a lot of visitors and a lot of the residents complain about parking, and people visiting the neighborhood will take parking. I personally don’t have problems parking in Fitler Square. You’re gonna have problems parking in Fitler Square later on.

It is so if you’re trying to find parking around 10 p.m. It’s gonna be harder at eleven o’clock. It’ll get even harder. But if you’re trying to find parking during the day, you can pretty much find parking. At least that’s my experience.

And it’s extremely walkable. You can get everywhere now. Since I’ve lived in Fitler Square, there’s the Schuylkill River Walk and right there is where you can connect it. Fitler Square touches the Schuylkill River. You can get on this walkway and you’re connected to the country’s largest non-stop park Fairmont Park. And it will take you all the way to the Art Museum, Kelly Drive, West River Drive, and just a very very active place to live.

Fitler Square is again just an incredible neighborhood. Their home prices are certainly on the higher side. So I would think the medium home price has got to be coming around six hundred thousand dollars, and that was the first quarter of 2021. So it’s going to be a more expensive Neighborhood. But it’s definitely worth it. So happy real estate investing, and check out Fitler Square!

Where is the Philadelphia, PA 19103 & 19146 Fitler Square Neighborhood Located?

The Fitler Square neighborhood, adjacent to the Center City Philadelphia area, is bounded by 21st Street, to the east, 26th Street, to the west, and Locust Street, to the north, South Street, to the south. Fitler Square borders the Rittenhouse Square (e), Graduate Hospital (s), and West Philadelphia (w) neighborhoods. Fitler Square is in the Philadelphia Postal Codes: 19103 and 19146.

Fitler Square is an extension of Rittenhouse Square, and it is where that neighborhood slowly eases into a more residential feel. Ideally located within walking distance to the activities, restaurants, and shops of Rittenhouse Square, close to the commercial office buildings, close to Penn, and West Philadelphia. Fitler Square is often considered the Rittenhouse neighborhood, which it overlaps.

Like Rittenhouse, Fitler Square Real Estate is an example of the older architecture homes, we know well in Philadelphia. Fitler Square has its share of historic homes, comprised of Brown Stones, Trinity Houses, and Larger Buildings converted to Condos and Rehab Homes. Located at 2500 Lombard Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Sitting where Fitler Square touches the Schuykill River is the Schuykill River Park. It feels like a nice little park, but Its size is deceptive as it is fairly long Fitler Square residents have, something for everyone here who is interested in outdoor activities including a baseball field, basketball court, tennis court, playground area, community garden and fenced in dog park, complete with doggie fountain and two sections for large or small dogs. Fitler Square Park Located at 400 S Croskey Street * Philadelphia, PA 19146

Created a century ago Fitler Square Park is only 1/2 of an acre, but sees its share of readers, dog walkers, and play dates. The park is extremely well planted and has several events throughout the year, such as the Spring Fair, the Easter Egg Hunt, the Halloween Party, and the Holiday Tree Lighting. Fitler Square Schools is part of the City of Philadelphia School System.