Tenant smoking in rental unit

How do you stop the tenant from smoking in the rental property? Smoking tenants can cause considerable damage to a property, and it's in a rental property owners best interest. If you are a landlord or a property management company. Here's how.

Hi, there! Joe White here from Grow Property Management, your trusted property management company in Philadelphia.

When dealing with a tenant who smokes in the unit, Grow Property Management approach it as a lease violation, ideally covered by built-in charges outlined in the lease agreement. Our lease specifies a fee per incident for lease violations, offering flexibility in addressing the issue. Rather than charging for each instance of smoking, I prefer to accumulate charges based on evidence provided, such as reports from neighbors or other tenants.

The purpose of these fees is twofold: to deter the behavior and to compensate for the inconvenience and costs incurred by the landlord. While the fee should be punitive enough to discourage smoking, it should also be reasonable to avoid potential legal complications. Additionally, I view these fees as a profit center, allowing me to recoup expenses and offset the time and effort spent addressing the issue.

When the tenant eventually moves out, I reserve the right to utilize the security deposit to rectify any damage caused by smoking, which can include repainting, using ozone machines, and even cleaning out ductwork to eliminate smoke odors. By incorporating language into the lease agreement that addresses both lease violations and the removal of smoke odors upon vacancy, I ensure that I am legally protected and can enforce these provisions if necessary.

While it may be challenging to prove the presence of smoke odors in a courtroom setting, having clear language in the lease agreement strengthens my position and provides a basis for charging additional fees if needed. Specifically addressing smoking and pet odors in the lease helps to preemptively address potential disputes and ensures that tenants are aware of the consequences of violating these terms.

Grow Property Management managing a smoking tenant involves a proactive approach that combines clear lease provisions, accumulation of fees for lease violations, and the ability to utilize the security deposit to address property damage. By implementing these strategies, landlords can effectively deter smoking behavior while protecting their interests and maintaining the integrity of their rental properties.

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