What type of tenant should you look for?

As you begin the hard search for a good tenant to rent your property, there are a few things to consider. One is: Who would you like to rent to? Executives? Long-term rental? Short-term rental? Families? Students? ​There are many laws involving who you are allowed to not rent to. But the above list is […]

What do Philadelphia tenants want in a rental?

As a Rental Owner/ Real Investor you already know some improvements, while improving  your home’s value, will not necessarily improve your profit (cash flow). One thing that will improve profit is Closet Space: According to a nationwide survey conducted by the market research company GFK Roper Reports, closet space was on ranked among the top […]

How to stage your Philadelphia rental

I understand you have your own real estate investment strategies but I thought you might find the below information on staging helpful. As a property manager I have to advantage my clients anyway I can. This includes increasing their chances to rent their units faster, to better tenants & for more $. So, I recommend […]