How to track the property management company managing your rental property.

Hi, there! Joe White here from Grow Property Management, your trusted property management company in Philadelphia.

When entrusting your property to a management company, ensuring transparency and accountability is paramount. One crucial aspect often overlooked is the necessity of obtaining photos from the management company. Whether it's documenting maintenance work, move-out inspections, or property conditions, photos serve as vital evidence and a means of oversight for property owners, especially when they cannot inspect the property in person.

Consider a recent case Grow Property encountered where a property owner, residing in the Congo, faced challenges with a prominent Philadelphia management company. Despite paying $2,700 in fees, the owner received no evidence of the work done to prepare the property for tenants. Upon gaining access to the property, it became evident that the quality of workmanship was subpar, with sloppy paint jobs and neglect evident throughout the premises. The property, vacant since October, was far from tenant-ready, raising concerns about the management company's competence and integrity.

In such scenarios, photos serve as crucial documentation, enabling property owners to assess the quality of work performed and hold the management company accountable. From before-and-after shots of maintenance work to detailed move-out inspection photos, visual evidence provides insight into the property's condition and the management company's diligence.

To ensure effective oversight, property owners should establish clear expectations regarding property inspections and photo documentation with their management company. Understanding when inspections will occur, what they entail, and how frequently they occur is essential. Equally important is clarifying whether the management company will provide photos and documentation of these inspections and any work performed on the property.

Regular communication with the management company is key to maintaining transparency and addressing any concerns promptly. Property owners should actively engage with the management company to review inspection reports, photos, and any discrepancies observed. By actively monitoring the property's condition and the management company's performance, owners can identify issues early and take corrective action as needed.

When selecting a management company, thorough due diligence is essential. Beyond reviews and reputation, inquire about the company's approach to property inspections and documentation. A reputable management company should offer comprehensive inspection services and provide detailed reports and photos to keep property owners informed.

For property owners unable to visit the property in person, reliance on photo documentation becomes even more critical. Whether it's maintenance work, move-out inspections, or routine property assessments, photos offer a window into the property's condition and the management company's activities. By reviewing these photos regularly, owners can stay informed and address any concerns promptly.

In addition to documenting maintenance work and property conditions, move-out inspections play a crucial role in assessing tenant-related damages and determining security deposit deductions. Detailed photos of any damages observed during move-out inspections provide valuable evidence for resolving disputes and holding tenants accountable for damages beyond normal wear and tear.

Furthermore, move-out inspection photos serve as a means of evaluating the management company's tenant screening and selection processes. By comparing the property's condition at move-out to its condition at move-in, owners can assess whether the management company placed responsible tenants and maintained the property adequately throughout the tenancy.

Photo documentation is an indispensable tool for property owners utilizing management companies. Whether assessing maintenance work, property conditions, or tenant-related damages, photos offer transparency and accountability, enabling owners to monitor their investments effectively. By establishing clear expectations with the management company and actively reviewing photo documentation, owners can safeguard their properties and ensure optimal management practices.

As always, happy investing!