Don’t trust the agent selling a rental property to tell you how much it can rent for!

A real estate agent selling a rental property might have motivation to over exaggerate how much rent the property can get. A property manager might be a more reliable resource.

Hi, there! Joe White here from Grow Property Management, your trusted property management company in Philadelphia.

A new client from Grow Property Management Company disagrees with the assessment findings of their property's rental value. They believe the value is in the range $2,100, while the estimation stands at $1,900. Despite counsel, they insist on listing it at $2,173. The company is indifferent to their decision, as long as they understand the potential outcome. Relying on the selling agent's rental estimate is unwise, as they may have vested interests in inflating figures. This scenario is all too common; many new property owners fall into this trap. As a property management company, we advise against it, emphasizing the need for impartial evaluation. Ultimately, it's their decision, but be caution against inflated expectations.

Happy rental property investing!