Rental Property Tip – Tenant Threatening to Report Landlord to Authorities

Hi, there! Joe White here from Grow Property Management, your trusted property management company in Philadelphia.

Let's break this down based on Susan's question. Firstly, the threat of reporting us as fraud to the authorities if he can't sign the lease and pay in person is, frankly, laughable. Sure, it's concerning on the surface, but let's put it into perspective. Tenants, heck, people in general, make idle threats all the time. I've seen it all – senators, attorneys, you name it, we've been threatened by them. And how many of those threats actually materialize? Close to none.

This applicant's bark seems far worse than his potential bite. Think about it, what authorities is he even referring to? And how does not being able to sign a lease equate to fraud? It's nonsensical, really. So, my advice? Brush it off. Don't entertain the thought of taking him on as a tenant. It's a non-issue, a non-event. Let's not waste any more energy on this. Life's too short to dwell on nonsensical nonsense. So, let's move forward and focus on finding a tenant who's more grounded and less prone to theatrical threats.

Enjoy the process!