Property Management Communication

Consistent Communication The Status Quo. Property managers need to understand that every victory opens the doors for further opportunities.  The implication of this is that a property manager cannot afford to rest on his laurels he has to continue planning and strategizing for more success. Read Property Management Technology Keep a close eye on rental […]

Should a Rental Have a Tankless Water Heater

In Philadelphia property managers, landlords and HOAs are beginning to clamor for tankless water heaters, since most residents would rather have energy-efficient upgrades. However, you need to first understand the upfront costs of water heaters. Here are some pertinent information on tankless water heaters before you make that switch with your Philadelphia rental properties: 3 Ways […]

Spot and Prevent Drug Activity in Near Your Rental Property

Want to instantly increase the re-sale value of your home or increase the rents you can get for a rental property? Stop drug activity!  Read: Tenant Proof – Safeguarding your Philadelphia Rentals from Destruction Just one person engaged in drug activity can reduce property values over the course of blocks. It creates unmarketable / undesirable […]

Transform a Garage into Rental Income

  Also read: What condition does my house need to be to be rented? Car ownership is fast becoming a thing of the past, especially in cities like Philadelphia. With car shares, bike shares, car services, better public transportation options and an overall healthier, walk more approach to life, Philadelphia has far less need for […]

5 Ways to Fix and Prevent Frozen Pipes

Also Read Property Manager Tips On Helping Your Tenants Survive a Winter Snowstorm   It’s that time of the year, that pipes can freeze; and if you are a property owner or a property manager, you should know what to do when water pipes freeze. Frozen pipes not only stop tenants from having water for cooking, […]

Should a Property Management Company or a Landlord Utilize Self Showings?

Self-showings are a great way for prospective tenants to preview your available rental properties by touring at their own convenience. Not only will it free up your time, from having to show the property yourself; but it will also avoid losing a prospective tenant from losing interest having to schedule their availability against your own. […]

Property Management Is Time Management

Time Management for Property Managers. As seen in earlier posts, time management is a very essential part of property management. Property managers spend a lot of time resolving property related issues involving; the signing of lease agreements, processing rental payments, issuing property repair work orders, terminating bad tenants, or organizing condominium walk-throughs for investors. So […]