Drug Testing Tenants

Landlord Wants to Drug Test Tenants in his Rental Property. In the diverse and ever-evolving world of property management, particularly in a bustling city like Philadelphia, we encounter a myriad of questions from landlords seeking to navigate the complex landscape of tenant relationships and legalities. One such question that recently came my way, posed by […]

Rental Property Drive By Shooting

Rental Property Drive By Shooting What is the property owner or the property management company’s responsibility? In the world of property management, especially in a city as vibrant and diverse as Philadelphia, property managers and landlords often face unexpected challenges that test both their resilience and resourcefulness. A particularly unsettling scenario was brought to my […]

Rental Property Emotional Support Animal Scams

Rental Property Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Scams In the dynamic world of Philadelphia property management, we frequently encounter a range of challenges that test our adaptability and commitment to providing the best possible service to both property owners and tenants. A particularly contentious issue that has been on the rise, not just in Philadelphia but […]

Home Warranties are Rental No-No

What is the worst rental property investment you can make? Buying a home warranty product. As the owner of a property management company, I have not once seen a home warranty company pay out. They are in the business of turning down claims and from a property management company point of view, I have seen […]

Not House Hacking But Garage Hacking!

I just talked to a guy who isn’t House Hacking but is Garage Hacking! He called looking for property management for his growing rental property portfolio he built doing what I’m labeling “Garage Hacking!”. In the ever-evolving landscape of Philadelphia’s real estate market, innovative strategies for investment and property management frequently emerge, offering new perspectives […]