Rental Property DOM

Property Management Companies Track Days On Market (DOM) And So Should You! Just how much is vacancy costing you per day? Read The Transcript Here: Hi, this is Joe White & this is the Grow Real Estate Investing Podcast. Today I want to talk about Days on Market. What days on market refers to is […]

Real Estate Investing Insight

Remember, as the investor its your job to have the big picture. You have the vision, you know the numbers. Listen to agents, attorneys, accountants, property managers and contractors; but always make your own decisions. Always operate in your role as the owner. Read The Video Transcript: Hello just left the property that we had […]

How To Screen a Tenant

Knowing how to screen a tenant is paramount for a rental property owner to know. Its the difference between a landlord being successful and failure. The above video will teach you exactly how to learn this skill. If you rather read see the transcript below. How To Screen a Tenant Transcript: Welcome to the Grow […]

How To Invest In Condos Guide

Read the Transcript Welcome to the Grow Real Estate Investing Podcast. I’m Joe White and in this podcast I’m going to look at condos as investments. This will be part one of two podcasts designed to serve as a more complete investing in condos how to guide.  This part one of the podcast I will […]

About Grow Property Management

Read the Transcript Welcome to Grow Property Management, we are a full service Property Management Company. What does a property management company do? For Grow Property Management it means you give us the keys, and we do the rest. We eliminate your stress & save you time. We protect your property & increase its profit. […]

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