Anti-Landlord Just Cause Legislation

There has been recent discourse from my property management forum about Councilman Jones’ Just Cause legislation. This anti-landlord / rental property legislation would allow a renting tenant to contest the legal termination of a lease, by going to the Fair Housing Commission to dispute it. I wanted to make landlords aware that under the leadership […]

Solve Frozen Water Line Pipes in Philadelphia

Plan for the 100-year storm! It took me a few years and 7 properties with frozen pipes to learn an important lesson as a Property Manager here in Philadelphia. I learned that weather changes from year to year. Seems obvious; but yet it still escaped me! One winter was particularly cold; but what caught my property […]

Rental Property Highest & Best Use?

Is your Philadelphia rental property at its highest and best use? Highest and Best Use is a Real Estate term that means the reasonable, probable and legal use of a property. From a Property Management, or a Real Estate Investment Perspective, “Highest & Best Use” simply means what is the most profitable state your Philadelphia […]

Overall picture of Zoning & Development in Philadelphia

Overall picture of Zoning & Development in Philadelphia February 22nd, 2018 at 12-1:30PM Greater Philadelphia Association of REALTORS® – GPAR  at 1341 N Delaware Ave # 200, Philadelphia, PA 19125 (Parking Behind Building) Presentation: Discussion of the overall picture of zoning and development in Philadelphia. Speaker: Frank DiCicco, Chair of the City’s Zoning Board of Adjustment Topics include: […]

6 Broken Things That Stop Tenants From Renting From You

So you are trying to find a tenant for your Philadelphia rental property; but its going slower than you thought?As a property manager I know just how expensive vacancy can be for a landlord – In fact vacancy is the number one decider on whether a rental property is profitable or operates as a loss.  […]

Here is the Amended Philadelphia Criminal Squatters Bill

Dear Leaders of Registered Community Organizations, At the last meeting of City Council’s Committee on Housing, Neighborhood Development, and the Homeless, Councilman David Oh’s bill dealing with Philadelphia squatters (Bill No. 170827) was voted down. Committee Chair Allan Domb indicated at that time that he would try to facilitate an amendment that would address the […]

Questions To Ask a Property Management Company

You need a property management company…. but you must 1st ask the right questions! Reviews. As about where you can find their Property Management Company Reviews. You may see good and bad reviews from other property owners and tenants and it should give a real insight into the company direct from others. How many years […]