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Professional Property Management in Fishtown, PA

Are you a landlord in Fishtown that’s looking to hire a professional to manage your rental property?

Managing a property is no simple task. As a landlord, you must concern yourself with property marketing, tenant screening, maintenance requests, rent collection, legal aspects, and even tenant evictions.

Without the necessary experience and time, handling all these aspects of property management on your own can be a daunting experience. That’s where professional property management comes in!

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As the go-to property management company in Fishtown, Philadelphia we can help you handle all your property management needs–reliably and professionally. We have a proven track record for successfully managing properties in the Fishtown area. We are committed to getting every one of our clients’ amazing results.

Thanks to our commitment to quality and customer service, our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. rated us 5-star for Best Business of 2019, and ranked us the BEST property management company in the state in 2019.

So, are you ready to get peace of mind? Of course, you are! Call us at (215) 602-4100 or email us at

We are among the best property management companies in Philadelphia.

Our Property Management Services

At Grow Property Management, our services simplify and streamline how property management is run. Our property management solutions are high quality, flexible, technologically advanced, and cost-effective.

Whether you’re a local or out-of-state investor, you can count on our services to give you the break you’ve been waiting for. Here’s how:

1. Effective Property Marketing

Are you struggling to find a tenant for your Fishtown rental property? At Grow Property Management, we have effective strategies to help fill your vacant rental property in the shortest time possible.

In fact, depending on your rental type and location, we are usually able to fill vacant properties with quality tenants within a couple of weeks.

Our marketing process is a well-thought-out multi-process. First and foremost, we make sure your property is ready to rent. Of course, no tenant wants to live in a property that’s falling apart. Second, we create an attractive rental ad to capture the attention of prospective tenants.

Third, we syndicate the rental ad to top rental listing sites for maximum exposure. This will be in addition to traditional marketing efforts like strategically placing “For Rent” signs and using word-of-mouth techniques.

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2. Efficient Tenant Screening

Dealing with problematic tenants is a frustrating experience for landlords. Luckily, we can help you get squeaky-screened tenants that pay on time, care for the property, do not cause issues, and are likely to rent long-term.

All our tenants undergo a thorough screening process that checks for various things, including monthly income, creditworthiness, and criminal, rental and employment background.

Thanks to this process, we’ve been able to cut eviction rates in the last few years. Evicting a tenant can be stressful, tiring, and costly. If you hire us, we can almost guarantee you that this will never happen under our watch.

3. On-Time Rent Collection

Rent is the bread and butter of any rental business. Without it consistently coming in, a myriad of issues can ensue. For example, you may find yourself struggling to pay your mortgage or pay for property expenses and taxes.

The last thing you need is late and/or missed rent. At Grow Property Management, we can help you ensure you get paid on time, every time.

And, for whatever reason, should a tenant fail to pay, rest assured our team will handle the issue with the utmost professionalism, following the Philadelphia landlord-tenant law.

4. Detailed & Extensive Reports

Your Fishtown rental property is an investment and we treat it as such. We’ll regularly provide you detailed, extensive reports on how it is fairing. You will be able to access these reports at your own convenience, as you’ll have access to your own online portal.

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5. Prompt Tenant Maintenance

Tired of dealing with tenant maintenance requests at odd hours of the night, on weekends or during holidays? We have systems in place that enable us to handle tenant maintenance requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So, not only will we be keeping your tenant happy, but we’ll also be helping protect your Fishtown property.

To ensure your tenant is adhering to the terms of the lease, we even conduct regular property inspections.

About Fishtown, PA

Fishtown is a neighborhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is located immediately northeast of Center City, and boarders York Street, Frankford Avenue, and Delaware River.

Its name comes from one of the original settlers. During the early years, fishing was the main occupation and early settlers controlled fishing rights to the Delaware River. As local legend has it, the name Fishtown came about after a purported visit by Charles Dickens to the area in March 1842.

Fishtown is estimated to have a population of 11,613, according to the most recent population estimated by the U.S. census bureau.

Fishtown also offers a few fun and interesting things to locals and visitors alike. While here, you can:

  • Enjoy beautiful scenery at the Penn Treaty Park
  • Taste whiskey and drink cocktails at the various distillers Fishtown has to offer
  • Try out fun games like ax throwing to help you work out and relieve some stress