Types of property management

Types of property management

Welcome to the Topic “Types of property management” Property management is an outside contractor’s day-to-day oversight of residential, commercial, or industrial properties. Generally, property managers take responsibility for the standard repairs and ongoing maintenance, security, and upkeep of properties. They usually work for owners of investment properties such as apartment and condo complexes, private homes, […]

What does a property manager do?

property manager

Welcome to the Topic “What does a property manager do?” A property manager is a person or company employed to oversee the day-to-day operations of a property unit. Property owners and real estate investors mostly hire property managers when unwilling or unable to manage properties. The costs incurred by engaging a property manager are often […]

Tenant Error Repairs

Repair Turned Out To Be Tenant User Error. Who pays the repair bill – The Tenant or Property Owner? The tenant submitted to maintenance request for her refrigerator. The damage submitted was equipment profusely leaking. A picture was sent with a significant amount of water under the fridge. An appliance repair personnel was sent to […]

Rental Sold Mid-Lease

Rental Sold Mid-Lease What Happens To Tenant Lennie asked a question. She’s concerned that her landlord just sold the property and she’s nervous as she’s going to be booted out into the street and that her lease will just terminate. Not necessarily. A lease is a contract and the lease is to presiding document. So […]

Rental Property Tenant Snow Removal

Who Shovels Rental Property Snow The Tenant or the Property Owner Shoveling of the tenants walks, we don’t do that. We add in the lease that the tenants are responsible to shovel their own walks. And also, keep in mind that if the walks aren’t shoveled; your municipality is likely to give you a fine. […]