Tenant Break Lease Charge

Someone questioned saying their tenants are trying to break the lease six months early, and they’re trying to find some contract where they can charge them $6,300 for breaking the lease to compensate for their action. There are two different ways that you can approach this. What can they get away with or what the […]

Rental Property Clogged Drain Responsibility?

Is the landlord property owner, property management company or the tenant responsible for clogged drains? In the realm of property management, particularly in a city as bustling and diverse as Philadelphia, the issue of clogged drains and pipes presents a recurring challenge. This topic, as raised by Elena during a recent episode of the Grow […]

Does A Landlord Need To Repair Appliance

Does a Property Management Company, Or Landlord Need to Repair or Replace Broken Appliances in a Rental Property? In the ever-evolving landscape of property management, especially within the vibrant city of Philadelphia, one question that frequently emerges revolves around the responsibility for the maintenance and replacement of appliances within rental properties. This topic, as raised […]

Owner Rental Property Access

What Can a Property Owner Do When A Tenant Won’t Allow Access To A Rental Property? In the sometimes difficult and often unpredictable world of property management in Philadelphia, addressing tenant concerns and ensuring property maintenance can sometimes lead to intricate situations that test the boundaries of landlord-tenant relationships. One such scenario, as brought to […]

ESA Rental Property Pet Limit

Do ESA Pets Count Against Pet Limits on a Rental Property? In the sometimes controversial world of property management, especially here in Philadelphia, we often navigate complex scenarios that require a nuanced understanding of both legal obligations and ethical considerations. A question from Morgan, featured in a recent episode of the Grow Real Estate Investing […]