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How to make an attractive rental listing

Your rental ad will be up against dozens, maybe even hundreds, of other comparable rental homes in the neighborhood. Your ad needs to grab the attention of potential tenants right away and compel them to want to know more in order to stand out from all of that competition. To achieve this, discover how to make an attractive rental listing that stands out and entices further exploration.

Finding good tenants quickly depends in large part on an excellent rental ad. To attract renters and encourage inquiries, the perfect listing should showcase vital apartment features. 

Many landlords disregard the value of producing appealing rental advertisements. And then wonder why they aren’t receiving the number of leads they had hoped for.

To demonstrate how to create compelling rental advertising using the platform’s pre-filled listing template. We’ll be taking you step-by-step through the process of making the ideal listing in this tutorial.

Unveiling the Components of a Perfect Rental Listing

Crafting a rental listing that captures attention and drives interest is a skill worth mastering. A well-structured and appealing listing not only stands out but also entices potential tenants to explore further. To achieve this, consider the following components that contribute to an exceptional rental listing:

Property Title

The most important part of the rental listing is the headline. One of the first thing a tenant notice is this. That’s what will persuade them to click on the listing. The headline only needs to inform the tenant that they have discovered what they are searching for; it need not be artistic.

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When tenants search for a property, they consider bedroom and bathroom count, budget, and ideal location. Therefore, these are the elements that must appear in the headline. Then, to make the listing stand out and generate more interest, you can add a special aspect of the property.

Property Type

Starting with the basics, landlords must make clear in their listing ad the kind of property they are renting. Renters typically search for a specific type of space that suits their demands, so by outlining the property type up front, you can facilitate their search. 

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Indicate whether you are renting out the entire apartment or just a single room in a multi-bedroom property. Also specify if your listing is for an apartment, house, or townhouse.

Property Type

Property Description

Your listing will be more enticing and interesting if you write a thorough, accurate, and individualized description. Additionally, it improves your chances of getting more inquiries from potential tenants. Information about you, your home, potential roommates, the appliances included, the neighborhood, transportation, closeness to universities, supermarkets, local hotspots, etc. should all be included in the description.

Make the most of the description by emphasizing the positive aspects of your home. To prevent cancellations or misunderstandings, it’s critical to be truthful and establish realistic expectations. Having a concise and thorough description also enables you to anticipate doubts and inquiries, which can ultimately save you a ton of time.

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Property Location

You’ve certainly heard this before, but a lot of renters make their decision to live in a particular apartment based only on where it is located. Mention any nearby amenities and any other information that would be relevant to various renter categories. 

Landlords should always emphasize local necessities right inside the ad to grab potential tenants’ attention. While the majority of tenants can typically locate this information by consulting a map of the region, landlords should always highlight nearby necessities.

You will be able to quickly choose your building from the database, and the platform will automatically populate your listing template with the building’s address, postal code, and any available images of it. Renters can see any nearby transit stations by using the map view of your unit’s location.

Up-to-date Calendar

Tenants must choose a rental period that corresponds to their intended move-in and move-out dates when looking for a room. Maintaining your calendar enables you to receive more pertinent tenant requests, saving you time from having to answer to tenants who are unable to move in during the times you want.

Your listing won’t appear in the search results during the chosen time frame if your calendar is not current.

Property Features

Landlords would be wise to mention any amenities that might increase the desirability of a property to potential tenants in their listing. This includes amenities like laundry in the unit, air conditioning, gas stoves, and even a common space or gym in the apartment complex. These extra elements might make your listing stand out from the competition in congested rental markets.

Property Photos

High-quality pictures of your rental property should be included in every listing you submit. While a lot can be expressed in writing, the best way for tenants to acquire a sense of the apartment before they visit a showing is through images. 

De-clutter the area before taking shots, or if it’s unoccupied, use this time to add a fresh layer of paint if needed and make other improvements that make your home look its best.

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In order to give prospective tenants a better understanding of the rental property, include as many images of the unit’s important rooms as you can, such as the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and common areas.

Property Photos

Property Parking Facilities

Two more issues that renters want to be able to learn about in a rental advertisement are parking and storage. If these features are provided, include associated fees and briefly describe parking and/or storage options in your ads.

Storage and parking availability can be toggled, with landlords specifying policies and costs for each unit.

Property Utilities

Are any utilities included in the cost of the unit? To prevent confusion later, make this clear in your listing, specifying tenant responsibilities for utilities. While renters might not view this as a deal-breaker, it’s vital to reveal extra costs for clients to assess property affordability.


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