Challenges for property managers

Challenges for property managers

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Property management is a challenging task by design. Property owners would be pleased to handle it themselves if it were simple, but the majority are content to leave the time-consuming jobs, the responsibility, and the requirement for in-depth job knowledge to the specialists.

In particular, if you don’t have a full property management system, you probably already understand all the aches and advantages that go along with this demanding yet gratifying profession. But no matter how many years of experience you have or how much your company has grown, every property manager eventually runs into the same problems.

What aspects of the job are the most challenging for property managers, then, if investors are outsourcing it? Here are some of the major problems facing property owners today.

Troublesome Owners

For property managers, problems might arise from other sources besides the renters. Although tenants are typically carefully chosen, it might be difficult to predict an owner’s true intentions until the lease has been signed. 

It may be very challenging to deal with owners who are unreasonable, expect more than they are entitled to, and frequently blame the property management for circumstances that are beyond their control.

Anti-social Tenants

It can be risky to go inside a house where someone is residing. Where there are potentially aggressive or drug-abusing individuals on the premises, the vulnerability is greatly exacerbated. During the course of their routine responsibilities, property managers may have to deal with unpredictable, possibly aggressive individuals.

Challenges for property managers

Drug dealing and “cooking” are other problems that are getting worse, and the chemicals used can be quite harmful. A property manager is likely to come across a few challenging tenants throughout time, which makes their job much more challenging.

Long Hours

The amount of time that many property managers wind up working, much above their set contract, is another factor that may contribute to burnout. Open houses, urgent repairs, and hectic days of property inspections are examples of jobs that might result in long hours and a heavy workload that never really goes away. Clear limits and good organizational abilities can help a property manager combat this.

Solving Problems

A property manager acts as a middleman and is supposed to handle issues that arise throughout the day and resolve disputes in accordance with each party’s rights and obligations. 

There is a large amount of problem-solving required because no two requests will ever be the same. The property manager must have quick decision-making skills to address problems as they develop in a way that best serves all parties.

Constant Duty

Serving as a mediator between tenants and owners is one of a property manager’s primary duties. Even after hours, the property manager may still be required to answer calls and get things done, which can create some awkward situations. Burnout is simple to develop if a property manager doesn’t establish firm expectations and distinct boundaries at the beginning of the contract.


A property manager can only take care of so much before it is up to those around them to fulfill their responsibilities. It may be very challenging to manage a schedule, whether it’s chasing down signatures from tenants or attempting to have documents approved by an owner. Additionally, a property manager depends on their staff to deliver necessary training, cutting-edge technology, and well-planned logistics.

Knowledge Up-keep

Understanding the laws governing tenancy and property ownership is essential to being able to address the demands of both tenants and owners. It is crucial that the property manager is familiar with these guidelines since they will regularly encounter scenarios that call for them to be able to adhere to extremely particular laws and regulations and notify others of what they may be.

A property manager must also be well-versed in the rental market in order to get information in the event of a fresh or unanticipated issue.


The rise in additional expenditures brought on by taking on more projects is one of the toughest obstacles a property management must overcome. Tenants keep complaining, contractors need to be paid, and mistakes are made. Your profit margin will soon be declining, and you and your accountant will soon be at odds.

Managing Time

Because there are so many various duties to complete, it’s frequently impossible to foresee what a day will entail. Even with the best organizational abilities, an orderly day might be derailed by an urgent problem involving renters, owners, or both.

A property manager must be able to think quickly on their feet in addition to meticulously arranging the days and weeks to ensure that all the necessary boxes are checked. That necessitates the capacity to continuously reorder jobs in order to complete the most urgent ones first.


Failure to fulfill renters’ expectations is the primary reason behind poor property management. Even though it’s frequently not their fault, relationships suffer and firms begin to earn a negative name. Property managers often find it difficult to concentrate on providing outstanding service because of their lengthy daily to-do lists.

Challenges for property managers


It takes negotiation, knowledge of and adherence to pertinent laws and regulations, upkeep of professional relationships, affability yet firmness, and participation in a larger team to successfully manage a property.

A property manager must be quick to think on their feet and proactive in planning their schedule to best fulfill the demands of their clients, regardless of the problems they face from the owners, the renters, personal issues, or the property itself. High levels of organization and ongoing prioritization are necessary for the job.

A property manager can easily feel burnout, and the position has a high turnover rate, so maintaining a personal balance is crucial. Being constantly on call may suit some people. To stay on top of the job and stay informed about the industry, it also requires substantial personal and professional growth.

The job is demanding but very gratifying, both for the property manager and the individuals they are hired to look after, due to the role itself and the additional challenges that come with being a competent property manager.

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