Rental Property Moving Tips

Moving in tips

Rental Property “Moving in tips”

It might be tough to move. Along with packing your possessions and hiring movers, worrying about your goods being destroyed in transit adds another layer of stress. Although it's not the easiest undertaking, moving to a new home can be made to go more easily.

Checklist and budget

Create a timeline for your moving checklist before anything else. Depending on how much warning is given prior to the move, each person's timeframe will appear different. Some individuals may have two months, while others may only have two weeks. Include a reasonable relocation budget next.

You can maintain control of the situation as it develops by visually planning your action. Uncertain about where to begin? Print our thorough moving checklist, then place it in the appropriate moving binder.

Even though moving might be expensive, making a budget can help you move for less. Whether you can afford a full-service relocation or must perform a solo move will depend in part on your budget. Your move won't cost you more than you can afford if you have a reasonable moving budget.


Checking to make sure you don't transfer anything you no longer need is an important packing tip. Before you start packing, organize your space by deciding what to throw, keep, sell, or donate. This will reduce your stress and workload. Get rid of any furniture that won't fit or that you know you won't use after taking measurements for your new home.

Moving in tips

Pack separately

Take into account what shouldn't be transported in the moving truck. It is preferable to move some items separately or toss them out before relocating because some of them can be dangerous during the moving process.

Tools, painting supplies, and cleaning agents should be bundled up in boxes with clear labels. Use plastic totes if you want to avoid messy or dangerous leaks. Keep bottles and prescription drugs apart from other items when packing.

Think about bringing your bakeware, utensils, and regular dishes separately. Anything can be used to pack breakable objects, however, crumpled newspaper, bubble wrap, or corrugated cardboard will assist in keeping your fragile items from breaking. Create buffers with dishcloths or even paper plates.

Keep in mind that fragile items like crystal, porcelain, and keepsakes require careful packing and plenty of padding. These things should be placed in smaller boxes that are appropriately packed with fragile labels.

Don’t overpack

Trying to pack all of their possessions into a few cartons they have lying around the house is a common error individuals make while moving. Use as many boxes as necessary to make lightweight loads. The weight of your largest boxes should not exceed 50 pounds.

Professional movers

It can make sense to employ professional movers if you don't have availability to willing relatives and acquaintances or if you're moving out of the country. They can be well worth the extra expense given how much effort they relieve you of during this difficult period.

If you choose the proper firm, hiring professional movers may be a terrific experience. Before agreeing to a contract, don't be scared to inquire. Your peace of mind will increase as moving day draws near thanks to your diligence.

Take photos

To help you remember how to set up your entertainment systems once they have been moved, take pictures of the intricate wiring on the back of each device. The same holds true for everything else you must disassemble before moving.

Additionally, it's a good idea to snap pictures of anything priceless or fragile in case it disappears or is harmed during transportation. When you file an insurance claim, the pictures will come in very handy.

Game Plan

Help ensure you have someone who can guide the movers on moving day to prevent a hassle. This person must decide which objects must be transported first and which can wait until the last moment to be loaded into your new home. On a moving day, having a basic plan and a leader will help you save time, which, if you're hiring professional movers, can help you save money.


Print out multicolored packing labels or use various colored masking tape to give each room its own color to stay organized. Each box's contents should be listed along with the room it belongs in. Then, in your new home, mark-room entrances with colorful tape.

Movers can save a ton of time by using this moving trick. They can simply match colors without of having to read the label directly or play the room guessing game.

Prior to moving, spend a little more time protecting larger pieces of furniture. All drawers and doors should be removed and secured first. Label any cables, drawers, doors, or other items that need to be taken apart so you'll know where they belong when you put everything back together. Put bolts and screws in plastic bags, then tape them to the furniture's back.

Take a picture of the rear configuration of your equipment before you pack them up so you can remember which cord fits where. To help you put any furniture back together, take pictures of it before you disassemble it. Additionally, be sure to name any doors, screws, or other items you disassemble.

Don’t rush

Moving quickly necessitates taking your time, which could seem counterintuitive. Avoid hurriedly and mindlessly placing items onto the moving truck. If something is lost or destroyed, this error might come in handy. Rushing about will also make you feel a lot more stressed out. Be thorough but take your time.

Manage kids

Plan for off-site pet and child care on the day of the move. Your animals will become stressed out from all the commotion, and the youngsters will probably get bored. Make alternate plans for them to relieve yourself of the stress.

Fill a cooler with quick-to-grab food and liquids that will help you stay energized all day. Make sure it doesn't unintentionally end up on the moving truck and store it someplace where it won't get in the way.


Start packing early and attempt to finish it before the movers arrive to load the truck because moving day will be busy enough. You must maintain momentum by ensuring that all things are loaded onto the truck.

Moving into your new place will be easier with a Philadelphia Property Management Company. Philadelphia Property Managers make the process a lot smoother. A Rental Management Company will help manage your move in an efficient manner.

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