Common Issues Faced by Rental Property Owners

Common issues faced by rental property owners

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You are used to having a lot of obligations at once as a landlord. In fact, you likely already know that failing to manage them properly could result in stress, financial difficulties, or legal issues.

Therefore, it is imperative that you both stop possible problems before they start and address them after they start. As a Philadelphia Property Management Service, we feel that we can share some of our expertise. We’ll look at some prevalent issues landlords encounter and offer advice on how to solve and prevent them.

Legal Troubles

It may seem like a daunting endeavor to become familiar with all the rules that pertain to landlords, but you must do it to stay out of trouble. So, spend some time learning about the state and federal legislation that are relevant to you. Don’t forget to research your local laws as well, as certain landlords are subject to varying regulations depending on the city.

Depending on the city, some landlords may be subject to additional requirements. You are not in it alone, even if studying the law can seem like a daunting endeavor. Consider joining a local landlord association if you’re having trouble so you can network and obtain the help you need.

Dealing With Evictions

Eviction is a difficult and expensive process. Making every effort to avoid the damage that repeated evictions give to your financial and mental well-being is therefore crucial.

Documentation Handling

A lot of paperwork is handled by landlords. Therefore, that documentation could easily become jumbled if you are not vigilant. If you lose a crucial document, not only might this put you through everyday stress, but it could also land you in legal problems!

Keep copies of every email, text message, and printed communication, including lease agreements, addenda, and renewals. Use both digital and physical methods for safe storage that is simple to get to when needed. By doing this, you can guarantee that these documents will be available to you in case of disagreements.

High Turnover Rates

A high vacancy rate can quickly destroy your cash flow. When you lose a renter, you must invest time and money in marketing, showings, background checks, and other administrative tasks to move one tenant out and get another one in.

Additionally, if your property is vacant, you don’t make any money from it. Therefore, if you take a long time looking for a new tenant, you risk getting into serious financial problems.

Late Rent Payments

Dealing with tenants who consistently miss payments can be very annoying, especially if they are repeat offenders. Additionally, waiting for tenants to pay could cost landlords money.

Vacant Properties

The biggest issue a landlord can run into is a vacant property. Low vacancy rates are a sign of the most prosperous landlords or property management companies. A vacant property not only has no rental income, but it also costs money to prepare for occupancy and promotion.


Being a landlord requires careful property management, but it is not simple. In addition to many other responsibilities, you must screen potential renters and collect rent. Nevertheless, completing all of these activities can be taxing on any landlord, especially those who would prefer to avoid handling difficult property management responsibilities.

Rental Renewing

Due to unfulfilled maintenance obligations, excessive rent increases, or a lack of amenities, many renters move out. A quick move-out survey that requests input may help to keep the same thing from happening again.

In some circumstances, it could be possible to persuade the tenant to remain; if not, at least you’ve learned a lot. Additionally, sending a brief inquiry every two years could stop a bad situation from getting worse. Therefore, it is worthwhile to periodically check in with your tenants.

Rental Increases

Landlords struggle to strike a balance between increasing profits and providing for tenants. The local market must determine when and how much of an increase is feasible when considering rental increases. Having said that, conduct a thorough comparison of the neighborhood’s advantages and features with your property. Fair practice typically permits a 3% increase every year or two.


Both you and the tenant suffer from ongoing maintenance problems. It can be highly upsetting for the renter when their demands are ignored. As a result, always take maintenance issues seriously and have open channels of communication. While it could be tempting to put off maintenance in order to increase profit, think about the long-term effects.

Residents are more likely to take care of the property and continue to be paying renters when they feel that the landlord understands their demands and puts money into maintaining the building. Because the rental market is so competitive in many places, even modest upgrades and routine upkeep can make all the difference in whether your property is rented out or vacant.

Improvements in rental house

Appropriate Tenants

A better renter will be present over time if the correct tenant is found from the beginning. How can you be sure that you choose the right tenant? Comprehensive screening is the key to the solution.

Take the time to speak with the tenant and their references in addition to examining their creditworthiness, income, criminal history, and rental history. You will be able to tell from this whether the tenant is a good fit for your rental home.

Use Calendars

Both managing your data and arranging yourself are crucial. The number of showings, inspections, appointments, and meetings can quickly overwhelm landlords. Create a calendar for yourself, either on paper or digitally, and set up alerts so that you never forget an engagement.

Philadelphia Property Management Solutions

Spending your weekends resolving issues is the absolute last thing a landlord wants to do. Because of this, hiring a property manager is crucial. It’s our specialty to manage properties. Since we keep up with all the latest legislation developments, we are able to resolve any problems as they occur.

Any concerns with disarray that you may suffer can be resolved by a qualified, seasoned, and well-established property management business. A property manager can take care of any document requirements a landlord has in addition to leasing, marketing, maintenance, and accounting services. When you are looking for a Rental Management Company, don’t forget to check out this Philadelphia Property Management Company.

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