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Property owners will always have some tough questions for both new to the industry and established property management companies. If you can provide the right answers, they’ll be more inclined to make you their management company. Here are some of the major questions that property managers should expect to be asked by property owners. Read Challenges with Owning a Property Management Company

How do you intend to handle emergencies to my property?

Having to handle phone calls and all the responsibilities attached is probably the biggest source of stress for a property owner. Whatever complaint they might have, you need to make owners understand that you’ve got a plan in place for handling these repair emergencies. In the words of Smart Property Investment, "...a good property manager will have the experience, contacts and organizational skills to sort out any issues quickly and cost-effectively, and will be able to draw on their own list of trusted, reputable and suitably qualified and insured tradespeople." The owners must be made to understand that there’s a call center and other emergency lines, all positioned to coordinate repair. You should also let them know that you take maintenance seriously.

How do I identify my account balance?

Property owners would rather be kept abreast of the process used to track and collect payments from the tenants as well as invoices from those working on the property. You can give your owners a sense of security through a well outlined rental payment process including other property-related fees. Show them the tenant portals that you use to receive rent online. And the best thing about owner portals is that it allows the owners to view their accounts while accessing important information without stress.

What type of property maintenance service do you offer?

Property owners like knowing that you’re ready to protect their investment. Show them your own property maintenance schedule to reassure them. With rental property software, it is easy to organize your schedule online and acknowledge owners whenever they ask questions about maintenance.

How often is your property inspection?

Most property owners just want to be reassured that there’s actually a plan for inspecting the property during key times like move-out and move-in. With mobile property inspection software, you can document your inspections and provide property owners with comprehensive details on what is going on with their properties.

What are the laid down rules?

Property owners should be informed of the rules put in place by the property management providers for tenants, and the consequences of breaking those rules. It might include typical questions like what the management company thinks about allowing pets and the likes. Owners might also want to know how quickly the company responds to complaints and broken rules.

Most owners patronize property management companies because they’re trying to avoid stressful management.


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