Challenges with Owning a Property Management Company

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Property management is such a difficult job especially if the company belongs to you. Property management companies all have their own peculiarities, which is why you need a professional with a good understanding of the assets under supervision. Property managers draw on their experiences and skill to handle an array of tasks in other to provide efficient service. As with any other businesses, there are certain challenges that exist regardless of market. Here are some of the challenges that property managers face when operating their property management company:

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Satisfying Residents and Property Owners

  1. Customer Service. An experienced rental property manager recognizes the importance of making sure both renters and property owners are satisfied. If you’re really serious about succeeding in business, you need to be able to keep your existing clients happy. About 70% of customers would rather pay more to enjoy better customer service experience. Therefore, you need to incorporate the following points and make efforts to satisfy both the tenants and the owners.
  2. Quick response. This is very important. You must remember that renters are also customers, so their time is just as important to them as yours is to you. In today’s fast-paced society, you should be able to acknowledge them promptly even if you’re unable to provide them with an immediate solution. Be organized, keep track of every communication with your client as soon as they come in.
  3. Pay attention to renters concerns. Tenants hardly ever call property managers if there’s no problem, so a good manager should be able to make time to handle the tenant’s concerns and try to ease them by taking prompt action. However, you should never make a promise if you’re not sure you can keep it, be honest with clients and give them a timeline that is realistic for their maintenance request- if you’re not sure about fixing a client’s AC unit within 24 hours, don’t say otherwise. Customers always appreciate effort and honesty.
  4. Follow-Up. After responding promptly to your tenant’s concerns, the next thing is to deliver on the promise you made and solve their rental problem. Prioritize follow-ups, particularly maintenance issues and complaints. Tenants will always appreciate these efforts and have more confidence in your ability to handle their issues in the future.


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