Handling maintenance requests

Handling maintenance requests

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Apartment buildings and other multi-family structures have relatively complicated maintenance needs. It can be difficult for property managers to stay on top of pending maintenance requests, let alone engage in preventive maintenance, as they must also maintain amenities, make sure buildings comply with fire codes, and perform routine repairs for tenants.

It is therefore impossible to exaggerate the significance of a successful property maintenance strategy. An effective plan for property maintenance keeps renters satisfied and insurance costs under control. Today, we look at suggestions for effectively and rapidly responding to maintenance requests.

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Property Maintenance

Tenants seek prompt resolutions to maintenance problems. It is therefore best to classify your property’s maintenance requirements in advance.

To handle critical and immediate maintenance requirements, create an on-call maintenance staff. Next, decide on your strategy for routine maintenance, such as replacing the HVAC filters, and seasonal maintenance, such as snow and ice removal. Create your preventive maintenance plan last.

Property managers might concentrate more on the offensive by taking preventative measures rather than on defense.

Preventative Maintenance

Both an art and a science go into preventive maintenance. Scientific data is used to determine how long mechanical and structural life cycles last. Nevertheless, it takes skill to recognize when degradation portends impending issues.

Property managers should always do regular walkthroughs to keep track of everything from minor aesthetic repairs to significant system upgrades.

Handling maintenance requests

Benefits accrue to those who stay ahead of the maintenance curve, including rising property prices, decreased employee turnover, lighter workloads, and higher profitability.

Successful maintenance programs help boost reputations and develop brands since tenants are certain that their demands are being handled.


If you use a property management company, they can handle maintenance problems as they come up, but if you manage your properties alone, you should have a plan in place for maintenance requests. You may respond to requests more quickly and effectively if you have a plan in place. Specify how the tenant should contact you and when you should respond.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep a list of nearby contractors, including general contractors, plumbers, and electricians for smaller jobs. In the event that you need their help, you won’t need to search around for their phone number.

Work Fast

In addition to the fact that tenants’ contentment depends on your ability to handle their growing repair demands, not doing so costs you money and exposes your property to more depreciation.

Have a list of trustworthy merchants on hand so you can get in touch with them as soon as feasible. If you need assistance, organizations can put you in touch with a dependable worker for your rental property maintenance needs.

Additionally, take into consideration that many tenants these days prefer to text you with maintenance requests and anticipate receiving a prompt answer.

Property Management Solution

Organizing the upkeep requirements for your property is only a portion of the solution. In order to ensure that all maintenance requests are attended to promptly and that no tenant request is neglected, property managers must also be able to track them.

Property managers, particularly those who oversee large, multi-family buildings, may find property management software to be a vital resource.

By assisting property managers in following maintenance work orders, creating budgets, keeping track of spending, and even planning for future preventative maintenance, the correct software may help them save time and money.

Additionally, residents have an easy way to follow the status of their requests online, which contributes to higher resident satisfaction.


Finding a trustworthy vendor and keeping in touch with tenants during the repair process are just the beginning of managing maintenance requests as a property manager. It entails getting in touch with the tenant after the repairs are finished. Find out from your tenants how they felt following maintenance repairs and how you may help them again.

If you want to maintain a personal connection with your tenants, you may schedule a brief phone conversation or send them a small online feedback experience form. By carrying out the aforementioned, you’re not only strengthening your bonds with your tenants but also amassing more knowledge for eventualities.


As soon as a maintenance request is received, inform both the vendor and the tenant of the status of the work. You can learn more information about the background of the issue and the vendor’s development.

Reach out to the renters via phone, email, or text to let them know about the changes you are making and what is expected of them. If there is a delay from the worker, you may even address their complaints in a polite manner.


In order to facilitate a direct conversation between the tenant and the vendor and to quickly resolve the issue, you may even consider emailing the renter the vendor’s contact information.

Property managers are currently digitizing how they respond to tenants’ requests for property maintenance. This assists in keeping everyone updated on the status of the request and any adjustments that may have been made.


In order to successfully manage a rental property, you must be proactive, foresighted, and a superb communicator. Tenants are eager and demand high-quality services that are commensurate with their monthly rent. You must enhance how you manage renters’ maintenance requests if you want to raise rates of tenant satisfaction and retention.

There’s an option to lessen the annoyance and irritation caused by unforeseen repair requests. Many landlords choose to hire a property manager, who can handle all of the duties associated with managing a rental property.

A property manager might be the perfect answer if you find that you lack the time or would like to diversify your rental property portfolio by buying in out-of-town markets.

You’ll be able to delegate all of the routine work, such as upkeep, answering tenant calls, managing repair requests, and more, to a trustworthy property manager, freeing up your time to work on other, higher-level projects.

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