Compensate Tenants For Repairs

Should You Compensate Tenants While AC Is Waiting For Repair

Julian’s question: AC is down and tenant is requesting compensation for inconvenience. How do you respond?

We try to have compassion obviously. Air conditioning is kind of a must have, especially in certain parts of the country. But even here in Philadelphia, it is a must have. Temperatures here get to be, I think today it’s about 90, which is kind of common for Philadelphia in the summertime. But even at 80, it’s kind of a must have in these days for tenants. Definitely we would have compassion, but properties break, so we would not compensate the tenant if a component in the property breaks. My view of this is negligence. Should the owner or property manager have known this is going to happen? Typically, air conditioning unit does not give an alarm of when it’s going to malfunction, so no compensation is required. Good luck!!!


Joe White

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