Tenant Screening Tips From A Property Manager

Everything you Need to Know About Tenant Screening as a Philadelphia Landlord Tenant screening is one of the most essential aspects of property management’s risk-based approach. This article will help you understand the importance of utilizing a formal screening procedure and following it consistently and how it helps you maintain the standards set by fair […]

Optimizing Multifamily Student Housing Assets for Maximum ROI

How to Optimize Student Housing Assets to Achieve Maximum ROI A lot of people are not even aware of the prospects available to them through their student housing. And no, this is not about the physical student properties. We’re talking about the amount of data that they give off, and how you can use it […]

Producing Eye-Catching Multifamily Property Photography To Attract Renters

Producing Eye-Catching Multifamily Property Photography To Attract Renters A picture can be used to pass so many messages. However, there’s really no need to have so many details when you’re doing multifamily photography. You can pass a very simple, marketable message to prospective renters without necessarily going overboard. All you need for great multifamily photography […]

Tenant Proof – Safeguarding your Philadelphia Rentals from Destruction

Tenant Proof – Safeguarding your Rentals from Destruction If you ask most Philadelphia landlords that who goes harder on homes between renters or homeowners, you are most likely going to have a one-sided outcome at the end.  Truly, the investment homeowners have put into their homes is never a match for whatever tenants are paying. […]

3 Ways For Philadelphia Property Managers & Landlords To Stay Ahead Of The Competition

There are people in Philadelphia who would rather rent a property than purchase a home. The most savvy Philadelphia property managers, and landlords, are those who find a way to understand why certain people will rather sign a lease than own a property. Convenience, affordability and flexibility are some of the reasons why Philadelphians who’re […]

The Key To Select The Right Property Management Company

Investing in a Philadelphia rental property seems like a tough challenge when you have so many neighborhoods and markets to choose from. However, investing in a rental property is something most investor see is of great value and therefore, it is likely a wise decision once made. And, if you are like many Philadelphia rental […]