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Would the Philadelphia Kensington Neighborhood be a good place to invest in rental properties?

As the owner of a fairly active Philadelphia property management company and an avid participant in the Grow Real Estate Investing Podcast, I’ve traversed through countless neighborhoods, evaluating properties, assessing their potential, and always looking to uncover the next gem in the city’s diverse and dynamic real estate market. Today, I want to share my recent venture into one of Philadelphia's most talked-about areas—Kensington. This experience not only provided me with a deep dive into the complexities of investing in challenging neighborhoods but also offered invaluable insights that I believe could benefit fellow landlords and investors, particularly those looking to make informed decisions in the realm of rental property investment.

Exploring Kensington: A Tale of Two Cities

Kensington, a neighborhood with a notorious reputation due to its association with drug use, presents a complex picture. On one side, it's plagued by problems that many would shy away from; on the other, it holds a potential that's hard to ignore for any seasoned investor. During my visit, I encountered a property that epitomized this duality—a five-bedroom gem that stood solid, despite minor issues that were nothing a seasoned investor couldn't handle.

What struck me was not just the property's inherent value or its surprisingly low asking price but its location in an area that many have written off. Yet, here lies the crux of today’s discussion: the inherent gamble of investing in areas known more for their challenges than their potential.

The Numbers Make Sense, Especially If Philadelphia Gets Ethics

The property in question presents a compelling case purely from a numerical standpoint. With no significant structural issues and a price point that screams opportunity, it’s the kind of deal that we, as investors, are always on the lookout for. However, diving deeper into the decision to invest in such areas requires us to consider more than just the financials.

Kensington, despite its drawbacks, is a community. The issues it faces with drug use are not just mere statistics; they represent real human challenges that require sensitive and thoughtful intervention. The question then becomes: can investment and community improvement go hand in hand?

The Potential for Transformation

My contemplation of placing an offer on this Kensington property is driven by more than the prospect of financial gain. It's fueled by the notion that perhaps, through strategic investment and a commitment to community development, there can be a future where Kensington rises above its current state.

Empowerment zones and incentives for turning properties into desirable homes for families could be a start. I've witnessed firsthand how such initiatives can transform neighborhoods, bringing in a wave of positive change that benefits both investors and the community at large.

A Gamble or a Calculated Risk?

The dilemma of investing in Kensington is a microcosm of the broader challenges we face in the realm of real estate investment—balancing the pursuit of profit with ethical considerations and the potential for community impact. As I ponder over submitting an offer, I'm reminded that real estate is not just about buildings and land; it's about people, communities, and the futures we help shape.

Closing Thoughts: The Long View on Investment and Community Impact

To my fellow landlords and property investors, the journey through Philadelphia’s diverse neighborhoods, like Kensington, serves as a powerful reminder of our role not just as investors but as stewards of the communities we enter. As we navigate these decisions, let's consider the broader impact of our investments, aiming to contribute positively to the fabric of the neighborhoods we touch.

In sharing this experience, I hope to spark a dialogue among ethical, moral, and educated landlords about the complexities and responsibilities that come with the territory. Let’s continue to explore, invest, and grow, but let’s do so with an eye towards not only the returns we seek but the communities we affect.

Happy investing, and may we all strive to make informed, thoughtful decisions that bring prosperity not only to our portfolios but to the vibrant and varied neighborhoods of Philadelphia.


Joe White

Joe White is a Philadelphia Property Manager and Real Estate Broker. He is the owner of Grow Property Management and has been involved in the management, sales and purchases of Philadelphia area rental investment properties since 2008. He is an author and works as a real estate investment consultant and construction manager.

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