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How To Regulate Water Temperature Per-Faucet For Tenant Safety

Tommy's question: Any idea why his rental property shower water is scaling, but the rest of the house the temperature seems to be fine.

You actually have a couple different ways to regulate your temperature. The one that regulates the entire homes water temperature would be right at the hot water heater. So you can go down there and you can set the hot water heater up. Typically they have an econo setting that would be a little bit more economical. And then they have other temperature settings. And I would definitely go through and set all the heat settings in house to really the maximum heat that you would want.

I assume probably your kitchen sink, you really want it kind of hot enough to clean something. And if it's any hotter than that at that kitchen sink, then I would definitely dial the hot water heater down. It's just a dial and it should have an adjustment. Just be careful you don't put it too far. You don't want to put the pilot light out because if you do, it can take a little bit of work to put the pilot lights back on.

Each faucet has a diverter and the diverter actually has regulators, so per each faucet, you can actually regulate the temperature. It's something a homeowner could do, especially if you were to use the internet to help you. It's definitely something handyman should be able to handle, but it's also something maybe you might need a plumber to do just because you don't want anything in that area to break.

If you trust your handyman, I would go ahead and do that. If you trust yourself, I advise never force anything because you don't want to break that diverter. Although it's not a horrible expense, but it's still not something you want to actually break.

It's very simple. The cap just comes off the diverter and you're going need the internet for that. I don't think it actually is marked in any way, but you basically have a mechanism that you actually pull it off after the caps off, you pull it out and you can kind of set it to a lower temperature or set it to a higher temperature, whichever one is actually needed. But definitely with the shower for safety in any of the bathrooms, I would probably kick that back. You don't want a child actually going in and accidentally turning the heat up. Even an adult, if you get burnt your first reaction isn't going to be an easy one to actually turn it down. Your first reaction is going to be that you're getting scolded and it's just going to possibly be that you jump out of the tub unsafely or jumping out of a shower unsafely. I would definitely kick the temperature back. It should be a fairly inexpensive fix if you trust yourself with Google, or otherwise a handy or a plumber. Good luck!!!


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