Tenant Abandoned Car

The Tenant Move Out At the End of the Lease & Abandoned A Vehicle At Rental Property

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got a new rental property uh thing that
happened today i wanted to share uh with
you guys and actually wouldn't mind
getting some thoughts from anyone who's
smarter than me so took over the
management of a property kind of a nice
property um in a neighborhood called
hawthorne here in philadelphia
from another property management company
and picked up the keys from the other
property management company everything
kind of went kind of well until i got to
the property and i found it just in
shambles just really completely just
destroyed and just felt everywhere the
tents had never cleaned um i don't know
apparently i think the owner actually
screened and placed the tenants and i
don't think she got a security deposit
either so i don't know if we can blame
the it doesn't sound like we can blame
the other property management company at
all i'm not really sure what happened
between the relationship um
with that company but the tenants left a
considerable mess and considerable
personal belongings and this is where
it's kind of new for me is they actually
left a like a newer looking triumph
motorcycle uh parked in the driveway at
first i was kind of hoping maybe it's
just a neighbor's motorcycle but you
know looked around and found some keys
to uh to a triumph inside the unit uh so
it's obviously the tenants the tents
have been gone for a couple months uh so
i don't know what happened i don't know
why the property hasn't been cleaned uh
that certainly would be a thing with the
property management company uh
you know i just have no idea so the
question is what do you do when
a tenant abandons a vehicle
you know i don't actually know that i
have the answer for this uh but i
believe that it's completely legal for
us to go ahead and call a tow tuck
company because it is the landlord's
property the tenant is no longer the
user of the property uh and i think it's
perfectly acceptable to call tow truck
company uh have them come pick up the
motorcycle and take it to their impound
lot so certainly give the tenant plenty
of notice which can be kind of difficult
because the one thing the property
management company didn't provide is the
exiting tenant's lease so we don't
really have any contact information
we're still working to get that uh what
i think i'm going to do is merely take
this motorcycle and walk it to the curb
which i believe is also legal but anyone
can chime in at any time you know my
podcast is me telling you how i would
handle it and it's not always uh
not always accurate not always the way
that maybe uh everybody should follow
the way i'm gonna handle it is i'm gonna
take their motorcycle and i'm going to
walk it to the curb and put it on the
street and uh if i can inform the tenant
then i'm going to be doing this and give
them plenty of notice because the
motorcycle's not really causing a major
problem right now especially considering
we have to get in and get the whole
places gutted um but uh you know we'll
give them notice if we can if we can
track them down let them know hey this
is going to happen on such and such a
date so if you want your motorcycle get
it beforehand otherwise you can find it
in the street and we'll just park it in
a legal spot uh you know in the street
and uh hopefully they'll be able to get
their motorcycle back but otherwise if
you're in the burbs somewhere like that
i do believe there's no problems no
illegalities with you uh calling a tow
truck company uh having it towed uh if
the tenants eventually circle back and
say hey where's my vehicle uh you can uh
let them know where the you know where
the tow truck company is they'll
definitely give them plenty of notice
and they'll definitely make sure that
they are legally exited of the property
all right
good luck anybody have any suggestions
i would actually love to hear


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