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PhiladelphiaProperty management company owner, Joe White, teaches how he scaled Grow Property Management into Philadelphia's top property management company

Have you found yourself struggling to scale your processes with your growing property management business?

Are you struggling to scale your processes while trying to manage your ever-growing property management business? If you think your company has been stuck on 40, 100 or 1000 doors for a while, you’re definitely not alone. Most property management companies eventually get to a point where they “max out” their growth.

The property management methods you used five years ago, may no longer apply in the industry today. This article talks about how Joe White, of Grow Property Management Philadelphia, managed to tackle the scale challenges and position his company for success in spite of the present market terrain. Also Read How Do I Start a Property Management Company

Scaling processes for an evolving property management business

Grow Property Management is one of the top property management companies in Philadelphia. They manage a variety of units across the city, from single family homes, to duplexes, condominiums, triplexes, apartment buildings, student housing including a hotel. Their properties can be found in some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Philadelphia and some modest parts of the city. Grow Property Management also happens to be one of Philadelphia’s most reviewed property management companies, so both the tenants and the property owners are guaranteed some quality service.

Their aim is to scale all the processes and transactions in their property management system, not just to enjoy profit, but for their clients to also experience tremendous increase in value. Joe White, the owner of Grow Property Management is very particular about providing his property owners with more tools and quality than ever before.

It is counter-productive to employ different methods to accomplish the same tasks when managing an array of units. The company needed a simple and easy-to-replicate process, so they decided to turn to their systems, and according to Joe, “When I look at the future of my property management company I know we can only get where we want to go by improving efficiencies and in doing so we’ll be improving our quality of service.”

Upgrading Systems and Technology
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When we spoke to Joe, we discovered that the company chose to focus on their internal system in other to solve their challenge of scale. This is what Joe had to say about their current processes:

To provide quality service, our teams must have a reliable and repeatable process. Whether for maintenance work or marketing and leasing flow, we’ll be designing scalable workflows within our company, and running our property management business efficiently. For example, we were able to process more work orders in a month, than ever before; and we did it in a fraction of the time it used to take and with less human error. Our process has become more efficient; and our property owners and tenants have experienced dramatic improvement in service. I am confident that as we continue to grow, regardless of the number of work orders we have to manage (even if we’re managing 5-10,000 work orders a month) we’ll be able to handle the work with very little impact on customer experience, thanks to our efficient process.

Grow Property Management has a vision to change the face of Philadelphia’s single-family property management and be part of the innovators as traditional property management is gradually replaced with asset management. Property management companies will have to embrace system efficiency to deliver true asset management and create a memorable and modern customer experience. Joe believes technology is the future of property management.

Find a Technology Partner That Understands Your Business

When it comes to technology in business, apart from getting the right features, it is critical to also get a true partnership that will provide you with the right support. Joe had this to say, “I would recommend getting a company that provides support service for property management companies regardless of the size of their portfolio. There are technological tools for small companies that want to grow, and even if your company is a big company that wants to expand, you’ll find technological tools that can transform your business into one of the top providers in your property management space”.


Joe White

Joe White is a Philadelphia Property Manager and Real Estate Broker. He is the owner of Grow Property Management and has been involved in the management, sales and purchases of Philadelphia area rental investment properties since 2008. He is an author and works as a real estate investment consultant and construction manager.

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