Rental Property Required To Have Blinds?

Is A Landlord Required To Install Blinds In A Rental Property

Meg’s question: Is she required to put blinds in her rental vacancy?

No. You’re not required to put blinds in your rental vacancy. You might want to consider it, though. We do. The reason is, one would be aesthetics. If it makes the property more rentable, then you’re going to get more rent and you’re going to reduce your vacancy. Reducing your vacancy is paramount as the vacancy is so expensive.

The main reason why I like to put blinds up in rentals or anything along the nature of this; we really don’t want tenants actually installing these items. Tenants sometimes don’t have the proper tools, proper knowledge and they’re really not equipped to do installations of things. And you can get in over the course of like four or five years where you can have two, or three tenants and each one comes in and installs their own blinds and kind of mucks up the job, you’re really going to have a damaged window or window sill.

I think it just makes a lot more sense just to go ahead and spend the money. It’s not super expensive to get decent enough blinds that look good, have it installed and done right, and have it done once instead of having Swiss cheese in your window wells. Personally, I think you’re better off installing the blinds. I think you’re going to get a tenant quicker, they’re going to pay a little bit more rent and they’re not going to damage your walls. But no, you’re not required to install blinds in your rental properties. Good luck!!!


Joe White

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