Rental Property Abandoned Car

Question: What do you do when a tenant abandons a vehicle?

I don’t actually know that I have the answer for this, but I believe that it’s completely legal for us to go ahead and call a tow truck company because it is the landlord’s property. The tenant is no longer the user of the property. And I think it’s perfectly acceptable to call tow truck company and have them come pick up the motorcycle and take it to their impound, but certainly give the tenant plenty of notice.

It’s going to be a bit difficult because the one thing the property management company didn’t provide is the exiting tenant’s lease, so we don’t really have any contact information. We’re still working to get that. What I think I’m going to do is merely take this motorcycle and walk it to the curb which I believe is also legal, but anyone can chime in at any time. My podcast is me telling you how I would handle it. And it’s not always accurate, not always the way that maybe everybody should follow. Good luck!!!


Joe White

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