Property Owner 24 Hour Notice

Property Owner Wants To Access the Unit Without Giving Tenants the Legal 24 Hour Notice Required for a Rental Property.

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all right just got on off the phone with
uh property owner that we managed uh and
she is attempting to go into her uh
the unit uh even though there's a tenant
without any notice uh now what's going
on it's a little bit more innocent than
all that um but we can't let owners go
in without 24 hours uh legal 24 hours
notice or the tenant's permission this
tenant is quite accommodating so i think
we could probably work something out
what's happening is the owner
lives in hawaii and i believe she
purchased this property sight unseen so
it's the about a condominium from
distance away condominium needed
significant work um
and as soon as we actually took her on
as a client
we immediately found a tenant so a
tenant was looking at another unit in
the building she was aware that we had
this unit that was coming to market and
she begged and pleaded with us to see it
and i actually did take her in to see it
begrudgingly because it was a god awful
mess needed new rugs and
needed to be painted needs new
countertops needs needed needs
everything uh whilst he fell in love
with it and it is a really cool unit
it's a really cool building in general
it's a condominium it's on a pier here
in philadelphia the pier goes out over
the water um you have a lot of amenities
and your unit is basically facing the
water and it's the boat docks are right
there uh it's a very unique kind of a
special property so i can understand why
she fell in love with it she was willing
to move in um even though we told her
like look we're doing significant
renovations if you want to move in now
uh and live through these um
this is quite accommodating so he said
absolutely so do whatever it takes to
take this unit
now the owner is is visiting from hawaii
and would like to pop in and see her
unit and i guess he's actually at the
building now hoping they're trying to
get into her unit uh the problem with
that is the tenant uh legally uh needs
24 hours notice and they deserve at
least 24 hours notice before somebody
enters the property uh so we had to tell
the owner no uh it's not something
that's legally allowed it's not
something we think is actually uh you
know should be expected anyways um the
tenant is now the the legal user of this
space uh and that's what's actually
happening with the lease you're actually
giving up your rights to
uh something you own for duration in
exchange for consideration a
consideration being rent so the tenant
is paying you rent
and in exchange they are now the
controller of the of that that
the controller the user of that space
it's their space uh for the duration of
the lease uh so i'm sure we can actually
work something out i've already spoken
with the tenant i don't think she's
going to care um if the owner pops in
and sees the renovations that we've had
have done so far and gets a chance to
see her unit and if the tenant gives her
a go ahead then the owner has a legal
right to go in in if we feel that the
tenant is giving your go head in general
anything is sincere about it then then
everything's fine uh but yes 24 hours
notice is required before you enter a
property and
you know it's also the right thing to do


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