Property Management Is Time Management

Time Management for Property Managers. As seen in earlier posts, time management is a very essential part of property management. Property managers spend a lot of time resolving property related issues involving; the signing of lease agreements, processing rental payments, issuing property repair work orders, terminating bad tenants, or organizing condominium walk-throughs for investors. So […]

Building Your Local Property Management Network

Also Read: How Do I Start a Property Management Company Successful Property Managers Network. The importance of professional network to a property management company can never be overemphasized. A seasoned, experienced property manager knows that he cannot do it all and that there is an ever increasing need of outsourced work to a great many companies […]

5 Skills That All Property Managers Need

The greatest property managers are those who are able to apply an expansive skillset to the different situations they find themselves in. They handle situations requiring negotiation, organizational skills, strong communication and customer service with so much ease. Property managers are also good at managing tangible property-related issues like repair and maintenance. Here are 5 […]

Challenges with Owning a Property Management Company

Property management is such a difficult job especially if the company belongs to you. Property management companies all have their own peculiarities, which is why you need a professional with a good understanding of the assets under supervision. Property managers draw on their experiences and skill to handle an array of tasks in other to […]

How Do I Start a Property Management Company

Like any other business, a property management company has required business component needs, to be successful. If nothing else a property management company will need all the equipment for running a modern operation and a work base. A lot of new business owners start working from their homes to manage cost and when the property […]

3 Ways For Philadelphia Property Managers & Landlords To Stay Ahead Of The Competition

There are people in Philadelphia who would rather rent a property than purchase a home. The most savvy Philadelphia property managers, and landlords, are those who find a way to understand why certain people will rather sign a lease than own a property. Convenience, affordability and flexibility are some of the reasons why Philadelphians who’re […]

How Important are Credit Scores to a Philadelphia Property Management Company?

Virtually all people involved in managing a property for rent, understands the importance of having potential rental applicants screen for credit. This applies to professional Philadelphia Management Companies like ours, Landlords and Real Estate Agents. And in Philadelphia, its hard to find a tenant looking for a rental that doesn’t expect to have some form […]

How Accurate is Zillow’s Zestimates?

The bane of everyone involved in the real estate industry, be it as a real estate agent, a property manager, or a real estate investor buying holdings is Zillow and their horribly inaccurate Zestimates. Inexperienced property owners often give credit to the website, that has no actual foundation to base values against. Zillow hasn’t step […]

Anti-Landlord Just Cause Legislation

There has been recent discourse from my property management forum about Councilman Jones’ Just Cause legislation. This anti-landlord / rental property legislation would allow a renting tenant to contest the legal termination of a lease, by going to the Fair Housing Commission to dispute it. I wanted to make landlords aware that under the leadership […]

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