Minimum Rental Section 8 Credit Score

What Is The Minimum Section 8 Credit Score You Should Accept

Rob’s question: What is the minimum credit score that we would accept for section eight?

I would absolutely avoid that. Every tenant is to be treated exactly the same, and also you can’t take source of income as consideration in your rental property application process. What you’re doing very well might be against the law and it’s definitely something I would avoid. I would set your minimum credit score that you’re willing to accept across the board, regardless of source of income, and section eight is the source of income so you’re not allowed to have a prejudice against it. You’re not allowed to say since you’re getting section eight, I’m going to treat you differently.

Avoid that, and avoid anything along those lines. I would rather set a credit score minimum, and I don’t know if there’s a reason to have a different credit score. A good credit score for Person A would be the same credit score for Person B, personally. I would recommend avoiding that and just set your credit score uniform across the board for all tenants. Good luck!!!


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