Manage Mold In A Property

Best Ways To Handle Mold In A Property

Kimmy's comment regarding the best ways to get rid of mold.

A rather complex question, but it depends on several factors when you're talking about mold. The thing is, I'm actually much more or less active on mold than I think a lot of people are. So whenever someone hears mold, it's just an instant red flag. A mold is plant, it's alive and it needs certain things to remain alive. So once the source of water is removed, then mold just really has a hard time surviving. So if you had some kind of event, such as roof leak, flooding, AC pipe leaks, or anything of sorts that's been resolved, a lot of your mold problem is going to get resolved in itself.

Homes just tend to be extremely, extremely dry and very hostile towards mold to grow. So if there's an active leak, yes, mold thrives. If there's not an active leak and you're running central air unit or you're running a furnace, those units actually remove massive moisture out of the air. So they create very dry, almost arid environments. So in the fall and the spring, when you're central air unit and your heat are off, they'll be a lot more humidity. However, in the winter months or the summer months, you're going to see the opposite. And it's a really tough environment for mold to survive.

So, if you don't have a lot of mold and you resolve the situation, but I would suggest treating it. You can go to the big box stores, Home Depot, Lowes, et cetera, and you can get very inexpensive mold treatment products. Or you could just simply use bleach. So just a mixture of bleach in a spray bottle, just make sure it's a spray bottle that actually has a decent mechanism because the bleach can be hard on the mechanism. I would go ahead and spray it just for good measure. And if the home is dry, then you should be fine with it.

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