Illegal To Not Take Section 8?

Is It Illegal To Not Take Section 8

Question: Will not take Section 8.

No, that is not legal. You can't choose your tenants based upon source of income. The different ways that they might actually be coming up with validated provable forms of payment such as Section 8, you cannot discriminate against them. You cannot bring those into your decision-making ability when you're selecting a tenant. However, that doesn't mean you have to. Section 8 has their own criteria. I believe they require the landlord to take a class that you don't have to take. They also, I believe, have their own lease that they require the landlord to use if they're to accept Section 8, and you absolutely don't have to select - you don't actually have to use their lease. A better way to answer that if you're choosing not to engage with Section 8 tenants would be, we accept Section 8, Section 8 doesn't accept us. Good luck!!!


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