How Old Of An ESA Letter Does A Property Manager need To Accept?

How Old Of An ESA Certificate Does A Landlord Need To Accept

Sean’s question: Enquiry about the ESA certificates, emotional support, animal certificates, and how new they have to be.

Apparently, somebody's got a three-year-old ESA certificate, basically allowing them to have an emotional support animal in his rental. No!

One year is the duration of an active ESA certificate. If it happens to be more than one year, it is required to get a new ESA certificate as a stance to have an emotional support animal. As mentioned in the question, three years is well beyond the stipulated timeline. Additionally, they make doctor visits annually, so it's not a big deal. It is a legitimate emotional support animal that has validity, and if it's genuinely doctor prescribed and doctor certified, it's not difficult for them to get that certificate, and a doctor would probably remind them of that the importance at their next visit. So generally, one is the cycle of each ESA certificate. Good luck!!!


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