Common Area Tenant Shirtless

Can Tenant Be Shirtless In Common Areas

Victor’s question: Has a triplex, three units, one of the tenants likes to walk around in the hallways shirtless. This unit is located in the Montgomery area. What responsibilities would be of the landlord on how to handle that matter?

I mean, it’s not illegal to walk around in his apartment or walk around the common areas like the hallways walk around the yard, or even go out in public shirtless, so I don’t see that as a landlord/tenant issue. So as the property owner, I don’t know if there is anything you could really do.

I would probably reach out to him and say, “Hey! A couple of the other tenants contacted me regarding you being shirtless. Is it something you wouldn’t mind wearing a shirt? Then after that, you could hear his views in order to keep peace in the building.

I am not sure how involved being a landlord I would get, but maybe I might just send a quick text just to let him know, and maybe he might want to comply by wearing a shirt. But legally and otherwise, it’s not a landlord/tenant issue. He’s within his rights as a tenant and he is within the rights of the law. Good luck!!!


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