Can A Landlord Access Property Without 24 Hour Notice

Can A Landlord Access Property Without 24 Hour Notice

Hawaiian Owner question: She would like to pop in and see her unit, and I guess he's actually out the building now trying to get into her unit.

Tenants legally needs 24 hours notice and they deserve at least 24 hours notice before somebody enters the property. We had to tell the owner, no. It's not something that's legally allowed. It's not something we think should be expected. The tenant is now the legal user of this space, and that's what's actually happening with the lease. You're actually giving up your rights to something you own for duration in exchange for consideration, and that consideration being rent. The tenant is paying you rent in exchange they are now the controller/user of that space. It's their space for the duration of the lease. I'm sure some arrangement can be made to view your property if the relationship with the tenant is in good standing. Good luck!!!


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