What Defines A Bedroom For A Rental Property

What Defines A Bedroom For A Rental Property-

Elaine's question: Apparently she has a large closet and she wants to know if she can market this large closet as an additional bedroom. She goes on to say it is a very large closet.

That depends. Different municipalities would likely have a restriction of what is and isn't a bedroom. The guidelines probably aren't that far off to what our guidelines here in Philadelphia are, and that's that a bedroom, technically speaking, should have a window, should have a closet. And you can get away with marketing these properties if it doesn't have a closet, or even to a lesser degree, if it doesn't have a window. But technically speaking, here in Philadelphia, you need a window, you need a closet.

As for size, one person can sleep in a 40 square foot room to call it a bedroom. For two people to sleep in it, say a husband and wife or some other combination, it would have to be 60 square feet. And I'm guessing the restrictions in your municipality probably are not that far off. The square footage is the one that I would really focus in on personally. 40 square foot for one person, 60 for two, so if you have the square footage there, then I think you're almost to a point where it's at a bedroom and I think you might be okay. But to technically call it a bedroom, you would also need a window and the closet. Good luck!!!


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