Tenant Illegal Dumping Tip

Managing Heavy Waste Tactfully 

There are many problems plaguing property managers across the globe that can be resolved with simple hacks. This article offers an insight into one such issue and its easy solution! 

A reasonable concern of property managers is that while managing several multi-family properties, heavy trash such as mattresses and furniture are sometimes left by the dumpster, adding to the myriad of tasks that must be checked off the to-do list. A simple way to tackle this issue entails mounting cameras outside the gate, overlooking the trash cans. The best part is that it is a cost-effective solution, since you do not need to incorporate working cameras. Fake cameras work effectively to ward off most people who are tempted to relieve their responsibility of disposing of their wastes in a proper manner. In addition, it is always a good idea to clearly lay out your expectations to your potential tenants. You can incorporate a clause in the lease that imposes heavy fines and penalties on such actions. You can also draft a polite yet stern email to your tenants reminding them of the clauses integrated in the agreement that they must continue to pay heed to. Some families might still dump out their mattresses while moving out. In that case, you can charge them a penalty or a fee from their security deposit to handle the disposal of their waste. In fact, even without added terms in your lease, you can still deduct a reasonable amount from their security deposit if you can prove that they were responsible for the mess.

This becomes particularly easy to execute if your HOA does include tenets prohibiting this kind of behavior. Regardless, it is understood that this is a nuisance for the neighbors. In addition, it is obviously unfair for them to expect the property manager to incur the charges for transporting and disposing of their heavy trash. In such a scenario, the penalty cannot exceed the rate of handling such waste.         

In a nutshell, if you are facing a similar issue, you could either resort to mounting fake cameras or integrate a clause in your lease that holds them liable for managing any heavy trash that they generate. Finally, you could also deduct from their security deposit the amount it would cost to dispose of the waste yourself.

In addition, another easy way to prevent this hurdle is by frequently reminding your tenants about the rules laid out in their leases, to deter them from taking actions that could cost you money. 

Philadelphia Property manager, Joe White answers question on how to handle tenants that dump mattresses & large items illegally.

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