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Greetings, esteemed real estate investors, and welcome back to another insightful episode of "Grow Real Estate Investing Podcast." I am your host, Joe White, Owner of Grow Property Management, a seasoned Philadelphia property management expert dedicated to providing you with invaluable insights and strategies for navigating the intricacies of real estate investment.

Before we delve into today's primary topic, I am thrilled to share with you a pest control device we have used successfully discovery that promises to revolutionize mouse control in rental properties. Allow me to adjust the camera and showcase this innovative tool that I recently acquired.

[Camera flips]

Joe White, of Grow Property Management: What you see before you is a meticulously designed mouse control system, procured from a reputable source, such as Amazon. While one could indeed fashion a similar device independently, the affordability and convenience of this particular model render it a compelling choice.

What distinguishes this apparatus is its capacity to contain a substantial amount of bait, crucial for effectively addressing an entire mouse population. Traditional traps, despite their ubiquity, fall short in eliminating the problem comprehensively. The key, as it turns out, lies in utilizing an ample quantity of bait.

Having removed the top, you can observe the well-thought-out wire mechanism, allowing for the accommodation of various bait types. Manufacturers tend to employ proprietary designs, yet this device adeptly caters to the nuances of different bait configurations while ensuring optimal bait preservation.

[Joe White, of Grow Property Management smoothly reattaches the top]

Host: It is imperative to note that this system is specifically designed to target mice, safeguarding other fauna from any inadvertent harm. With its stable feet and flat bottom, the device is ideally positioned when snugly placed against a wall, mirroring the travel preferences of mice.

For optimal efficacy, positioning underneath stairs proves advantageous. Furthermore, an additional measure, such as the use of tin foil, helps seal potential entry points, exemplifying the proactive approach required in managing these elusive creatures.

[Camera shifts back to Joe White, of Grow Property Management]

Joe White, of Grow Property Management: Mice, to continue their visits, need to feel secure. Placing this tube in close proximity to the wall provides that sense of security, allowing them to feed comfortably beneath the stairs. The tube can house an ample quantity of bait, ensuring a continuous supply for these persistent diners.

Stale food is not an option for discerning mice, emphasizing the need for a consistently replenished bait supply. In essence, this meticulous approach to baiting significantly contributes to the effectiveness of mouse control.

Now, let's touch upon the topic of exterminators. Experience has shown that they often fall short in addressing mouse problems adequately. Whether due to insufficient bait usage or reliance on traditional traps and, regrettably, glue traps, these methods often prove suboptimal.

[Joe White, of Grow Property Management expresses a subtle disapproval]

Joe White, of Grow Property Management: Glue traps, while demonstrating the presence of mice, are far from humane and, more critically, fail to provide a genuine solution to the problem at hand. In light of these shortcomings, our preference leans towards a more effective and humane solution.

[Joe White, of Grow Property Management lifts up the bait trap with a measured emphasis]

Joe White, of Grow Property Management: Enter our new bait trap – a straightforward solution available for acquisition on Amazon, offered by various manufacturers. While I may not identify the specific origin of this particular model, the shared objective among them remains the same: to provide an efficient and humane approach to mouse control.

[Camera zooms in on the bait trap]

Joe White, of Grow Property Management: I am delighted to share this discovery with our esteemed audience. Managing mice in rental properties is undoubtedly a challenging aspect of property management, and this bait trap serves as an instrumental tool to alleviate the associated challenges.

[Joe White, of Grow Property Management lowers the bait trap]

Joe White, of Grow Property Management: To our fellow real estate investors, I encourage you to consider incorporating this bait trap into your property management strategy. Its modest investment can yield significant returns by sparing you the intricacies of dealing with persistent mouse infestations. Until our next episode, I extend my wishes for prosperous real estate endeavors.


This is Joe White, Owner of Grow Property Management, your host on "Grow Real Estate Investing Podcast," signing off. Happy investing!


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