Property Manager Tips On Helping Your Tenants Survive a Winter Snowstorm

Philaelphia Rental Snow Storm

Irrespective of the winter storm emergency, your tenants, and your rental property, will stay safe if these tips are followed accordingly.

There is no need to be frightened when you discover your rental house has been covered by snow.  Here are tips to assist you in managing common household emergencies that can emanate from cold weather.

In the event that you’re tenants are snowed in;

Let’s expect that your tenants have taken the necessary steps to get their family, pets, and car ready for the winter weather. You can share these tips with your tenants whenever a storm might come their way.

  • Utilize a lighter or match for your key to be heated in the event that your locks are frozen up. A lock de-icier can also be utilized.
  • A coat of petroleum jelly can be applied to the door’s latches and hinges for your doors to be kept from freezing shut. Alternatively, a plastic trash bag can be placed between the window or door glass and the frame. Throwing hot water on the glass is not advisable because it will freeze.
  • Stay friendly with your neighbors and keep their numbers with you. As a rule, there will be no classes during this period which means students will be at home and not in school. So, it is possible that your neighbors will know a few of them who might want to make extra cash by shoveling your walkways and driveways.

In case your power goes out;

  • Ensure that the freezer, as well as refrigerator doors, are kept closed as much as possible because your foods will be kept for nothing less than 48 hours in an unopened freezer. Likewise, an unopened refrigerator will ensure that your foods remain cold for at least 24 hours.
  • Snowdrifts can also be utilized as an alternative freezer if your power goes out more than expected.
  • Be sure that all the equipment is unplugged. Some of them can be damaged when the property power is restored or as a result of voltage irregularities.
  • It is not advisable for you to use candles in a property. Instead, flashlights can be used for emergency lighting.
  • Running a generator inside a garage or home is very dangerous since carbon monoxide in an enclosed space can lead to untimely death.

Other familiar winter emergencies

  • If your furnace goes out; First and foremost, give your service provider a ring. In the meantime, alternative heat sources like inexpensive space heaters can help warm your rental. The risk of Carbon monoxide poisoning will be increased if oven or stove is used as an alternative source of heat.
  • If your pipes freeze; Just wrap the cold parts of the pipe with towels soaked in hot water. To enable warm air around the pipe, ensure that the doors of the cabinet are kept open. Switch on tap as much as necessary to allow them to drip steadily. Your pipes will be prevented from freezing if you keep water flowing within them. Always observe your taps for the decrease in water flow.
  • If your pipes burst; The first thing to do before calling a plumber is to shut off the main valve.


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