Property Management Is Time Management

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Time Management for Property Managers. As seen in earlier posts, time management is a very essential part of property management. Property managers spend a lot of time resolving property related issues involving; the signing of lease agreements, processing rental payments, issuing property repair work orders, terminating bad tenants, or organizing condominium walk-throughs for investors. So you need to be highly efficient to complete all the necessary tasks within a very tight, time sensitive schedule and to ensure that all the tenants are cared for and  happy while leaving you free to focus on all the other aspects of your property management business. Read Also The Benefits of Electronic Transactions in Property Management

To a property manager, time is money. The more available time a property manager has, the more properties they can manage. Free time allows a property manager to answer their phones, respond to emails and follow up with potential new property owners.

If your goal is to get more clients, more doors managed and more incoming property management fees, you will need to master your time.

  • Organize your office tasks with best-in-class property management software and become more efficient.
  • Keep everything documented. A professional real estate property manager should be able to rely on efficient documentation to make things easier when handling property owners, tenants, contractors, lawyers and other professionals.
  • Schedule your time with the help of a scheduling system or online calendar. Make sure nothing is left to chance.
  • Avoid multitasking. It is easy to overlook some essential matters in property management when you multitask, which is why you need to divide your schedule into different blocks. It might be challenging for small property managements at first, but they’ll enjoy the rewards eventually when they become more effective.
  • Use a note waking system when working. Google Keep and Evernote are perfect examples of this.


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