Philadelphia Rental Property Fall Maintenance Checklist

Fall Rental Property Tips

Philadelphia is a beautiful city, especially in the fall, with the architecture of our properties and our old growth trees. Being a green, garden and park oriented city, Philadelphia is inspiring as the Autumn months approach.

And as a Philadelphia landlord rental property owner, I know that's part of what creates such a properful and desirable tenant base.

When you look at the dropping temperatures and changing leaves, there’s no denying that winter is not too far behind.

Cold weather can wreck a lot of havoc on your Philadelphia rental property, particularly when you fail to prepare for it – here are nine fall maintenance tasks to handle before the arrival of winter: Also Read 6 Property Management Projects to Prep Your Rental for Fall

  1. Remove sidewalk weeds. Roots create ever deepening sources of water infiltration and worse is when that water freezes and makes a small weed opening into a larger crack. More weeds come, the roots go deeper and the cycle continues until a property owner is faced with an expensive fix. Sidewalk weeds also make it much more difficult to shovel snow, so weed now.

  2. Tackle your year-end yard maintenance. Trim your hedges, rake leaves, and handle all the necessary maintenance.  
  3. Pack, clean and store all the outdoor items that are susceptible to winter damage.  
  4. Drain all the rental property water lines connected to hoses and sprinklers to avoid a situation where the water might freeze and burst the lines.  
  5. Clear debris from the gutter to prevent roof damage and stop water from pooling.  
  6. Inspect your roof and preventative coat as needed
  7. Install storm doors and seal windows to prevent heat from escaping in the winter months. 
  8. Inspect the HVAC systems just to ensure that hot water and heat will continue working when temperatures drop. HVAC repairman charge a premium for emergency service. If a tenant loses heat in your rental property, you will have no choice; but an immediate repair. 
  9. Insulate the pipes that are susceptible to freezing like those in the exterior walls and basement. 
  10. Prioritize fire safety by replacing all the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and sweeping the chimneys.

Feeling overwhelmed? A property manager might just be what you need to assist you with those cumbersome tasks.


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