How Philadelphia Property Owners Are Using Mobile Tech to Attract Tenants

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Attracting Philadelphia Tenants with the Help of Mobile Tech

Smart Philadelphia landlords are now taking advantage of mobile technology to entice rental tenants, while building stronger relationships. Apart from the first-time connections with your prospects, mobile tech also helps property owners engage prospective tenants in every area of their leasing experience.

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You need to start with some basics if you’re really serious about leveraging mobile technology and everything it entails.

Your infrastructure should support diverse users: make sure it can work with different devices and operating systems. To achieve this, you’ll need robust property management software and host providers that make use of the latest technology and deploy regular upgrades to support different tenant users and their devices.

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When the connectivity is great, it encourages engagement, which in turn boosts conversion rates.

Strike up conversations with the potential tenants when they’re on the move: You can send text messages to your leads about current rental details or open-house events while they’re out dining or driving. This way, you can easily direct traffic to the property. Coupons, invites, and mobile ads are excellent marketing tools.

Introduce a mobile leasing application: You can also add a feature that allows renters to fill the leasing application online. This particular feature is a great way to accelerate the deal, with its quick approval policies and application reviews.

Use striking marketing videos to create a great first impression: People are gradually drifting towards video and audio texts. Google also favors videos for blogs, social media exchanges and FB posts. If you really want to move up Google’s index, you might want to consider posting virtual property tours, and vacancy snapshots of your rentals on your website.

Instagram’s Hyperlapse is one of those apps that can help you create informative and fun videos that you can use to highlight the best part of your property to prospective tenants. It gives you free reign to do what you like, whether you just want to display all the new additions on your available property portfolio or you’re documenting the activities of your community, you can expand your market reach through sharable content.

Enhancing relationships through better workflow efficiency: You can keep your property management company organized, while giving office personnel more time for onsite property tours including other engagement activities, by integrating your mobile apps in preparation for annual inspections.

Combine portals and texts: Make your community technology-savvy. Simplify your process of rent payment and you’ll be amazed at how fast people make their payments. Send reminder texts to all your online resident portals, and encourage them to make prompt payments.

You can also use texts to follow up wait lists and past applications when vacancies become available. This is because:

  • More people will rather use texts compared to voice calls.
  • Nine out of ten people read their texts within 3 minutes of receiving it.
  • Only about 1% of text messages are left unopened or deleted.

Use mobile technology to enhance tenant experience: Addressing behind-the-scenes happenings is a very effective way to attract high-quality tenants.

You need to equip your property management team with all the technological advancements they need to beat the competition.

Mobile technology is a great way to reduce costs, enhance communication, and boost productivity. You can hardly go wrong when you have an efficient property management team and a great marketing team. These are some of the best ways to attract and retain the most qualified tenants.

Don’t hesitate to tell us about your experience with mobile technology in the comment section.


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